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  5. "הם רוצים ג'ינסים."

"הם רוצים ג'ינסים."

Translation:They want jeans.

June 27, 2016



Just like panini is singular in English but plural in the original Italian. Loanwords don't cross over intact.

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בחולצת טריקו הצידה, עם הג'ינסים הכחולים, את ריסיה היא הרעידה בלי מילים, מילים.

I prefer to say מכנסי ג׳ינס rather than ג׳ינסים, but both are acceptable.


Isnt Jeans always plural? I've heard ג׳ינס but never with "eem" at the end. Just confirming this is correct. Thanks!


In Hebrew we say ג'ינס to indicate one pair of trousers, and we form the slightly weird ג'ינסים to talk about several pairs.


Oh ok i see todah...


Oh wow I didn't know hebrew used the J sound at all?

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We do, but only for foreign words and names. You need it for Jeff and giraffe. To write it we use a gimel with an apostrophe


Oh that's a helpful answer! One more question that's been on my mind: I know in ancient Hebrew there is a use of the "th" sound that we hear in English, but I have yet to hear it in this lesson. Is that only used in ancient Hebrew, or does it have occasional uses in modern Hebrew as well?

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You know how the letters bet, kaf, and peh are pronounced differently depending on position and preceding letters? Well, in ancient Hebrew gimel, dalet, and, tav also had "weak" versions. They made the j, th as in this, and th as in breath respectively. Nowadays, if I need the th sound I would use dalet or tav with an apostrophe, as in:



You just answered something that had seriously been bugging me since day one! Here's a Lingot or two!


"Jeans" is always in the plural, I guess because they have two legs. We usually say a pair of jeans, but still that is only one garment, not two. Jean (singular) is a girl's name.


So would it also be כ'יפסים?


Do you mean צ'יפסים?


my answer was absolutely correct

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