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  5. "Er isst Kuchen."

"Er isst Kuchen."

Translation:He is eating cake.

June 28, 2016



I wrote "Er ist Kuchen", I don't think it should have been marked as correct.


"Isst" and "ist" indeed sound the same.


I think "He is cake" would sound much the same in German


I did the same and put he is cake "Er ist Kuchen". It was a typo but I do also think that it should be marked as wrong or at least as "typo".


Why is "pie" wrong?


It is not wrong it was just not accepted.

Let's explain the circumstances. In German there are two words for these sweet things you eat to coffee or tea and somehow need a baking book to know how to make. First is "der Kuchen" which correspondes to "cake" in English and then there is "die Torte" which correspondes to "tarte" in English. There is no third word like "pie" in German. So a "Kuchen" is made with flour and baked. "Eine Torte" does not need to be baked and is quite creamy. It can have a baked bottom though. Now a pie is also baked and it normally has a filling. So if you have a filling of fruits you would call it "Obstkuchen" or "Früchtekuchen" in German which are certain kinds of "Kuchen". But if you fill it with something that is not sweet like meat it would not be a "Kuchen" anymore, because that has to be sweet. Such a savoury pie would be called "Pastete (fem.)" in German.

So "ein Apfelkuchen" is an "applepie". But a "meatpie" is "eine Fleischpastete".

I hope I could be of help.


In my drowsiness I translated Kuchen as kitchen. He is eating kitchen. -_-


Why not cookies???


"Cookie" ist "Keks".


I tried cookies too, because I know about lebkuchen which are much more like cookies than cakes in my estimation. So now I'm wondering if lebkuchen have been cakes all along and I've been thinking of them as cookies.


Update - google translate says lebkuchen is gingerbread. Okay, that's more of a cake than a cookie. I'm disappointed, I always thought this translated to "love cookies" (a leap that was clearly the consequence of being exposed german as a very small child)

[deactivated user]

    Why not "He is eating A cake"?


    In English, if one is "eating cake", then one is having a piece of cake, large or small, and possibly all of it.

    If, however, one is "eating a cake", then the implication is that one is eating ALL of the cake.

    I do not know if the same distinction exists auf Deutsch.


    What is the plural of kuchen?


    1) Der Kuchen (singular) 2) Die Kuchen (plural)


    I wanted to put this out there: A tongue twister in either language: Die Köche kochen Kuchen und Kekse in der Küche. "The cooks cook cakes and cookies in the Kitchen." :-)


    der Kuchen = cake | die Pfanne = pan | der Pfannkuchen = pancake

    To make a bigger mark in our memory: Ralph reichts 2 trailer


    For the outloud portion, am i the only one who hears "Er isst Kuh" I always get it wrong because i dont hear kuchen


    For what it is worth, I heard "Er isst Kuhen"


    Er isst Kuchen: YAAAAS!

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