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  5. "היא לא שומרת את זה."

"היא לא שומרת את זה."

Translation:She does not save this.

June 28, 2016



So shomer means save, keep, and guard.


Also "to maintain" (relationship, traditions).


Awesome thank you :)


I don't know if that's all the meanings. Just an observation I made.


So how can you tell the difference between She doesn't guard this vs keep/save this? Context clues?


keep (and save) = שומר את (or without preposition, by the general rules of transitive verbs in Hebrew) guard (and maintain (tradition etc.)) = שומר על


Is לשמור also used in the sense of saving money?


It can be used in that sense, but more commonly לחסוך (Lach'soch) is used. Example: חסכתי כסף לטיול - Cha'sachti 'kesef la-ti'yul (I saved money for the trip)


Folder or file in computer?


yes, definitely


And somehow funny, in Romanian 'shomer' means unemployed person


I think this is related with French "au chômage" - unemployed


In Rumanian, they write it as somer, with a cedilla on the es?


Does 'שומר' not mean guard also?


שומר =watch, observe, keep


and guard.. i can understand "see" would not be accepted, as רואה would mean that, but i i believe "watch" should have been accepted for שומר.. =o)


You can watch over it. But just watching .. It's like having a cop sit in a car to watch the bank, but if robbers come he "watches" them rob the bank. Watching over/guarding implies active measures, watching implies your seeing what's happening. (Yeah you could use I'll watch your child, but that's because colloquially we know what that means. But literally, it seems too vague.) That's just my ten "pund" note worth. https://youtu.be/xG6oCrtef5A (link goes to Mitchell & Webb's "ten pund" money tv clip)


So שומר means keep, as in: 1-save money, 2-guard, and what else? Can you give us all the meanings? Thanks.


as NoamSteiner mentioned before, the common use of "to save money" is לחסוך\חוסך and not לשמור/שומר. other uses I can come up with are 1. שומר- guard 2. לשמור חניה/לשמור מקום- to save a parking space or to save a spot somewhere 3. שומר as in "keep" like in שומר סוד- keeps a secret.


to guard; to safeguard; to watch, to supervise; to keep, to maintain; to observe (rules) (from Morfix: https://www.morfix.co.il/en/%D7%A9%D7%95%D7%9E%D7%A8)


Thanks for saving me the trouble of finding the link to all the meanings of לשמור! Since there is no context to this sentence, all of them should apply. (I'm sure the sentence writer had a context in mind, but s/he didn't share it with us.) I just got dinged for using the "guard" meaning for it. This called for a lingot, and I gave you one.


Since when does shomer mean save? I find it means guard/treasure/keep/protect/watch.


When would you use the root ש.מ.ר to mean "save" and when would use י.ש.ע to mean "save"?


ll שמר is for "saving for later". Save as a synonym for rescue is להציל or (archaic) להושיע.


Thank you. That makes a lot of sense. Saving something for later is keeping holding of it whereas "save" in the sense of rescuing is a semantically distinct concept.

Ha! Archaic is good! I know this a Modern Hebrew course but another one of my objectives to understand the siddur a bit better too. I have a printed textbook for that.

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