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"מחר יש עימות בין חמשת המועמדים."

Translation:Tomorrow there is a debate between the five candidates.

June 28, 2016



"Between" is more correctly used to describe the relationship between two things- "between" and "two" share an etymological root. "Among" should be used (or at the very least acceptable) for more than two.

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I used "among". It was accepted.


Who heard the Mizrahi ayin in mo'amadim?? :D


Yes, I've been wondering if I was imagining her MizraHi accent!


Why חמשת and not חמישה? I don't think this usage is explained in the numbers lesson


I was wondering this too! A comment on another post says: "The ה turns into a ת when acting as a feminine marker at the end of a word in a construct state. A similar phenomenon occurs in Arabic." from https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16317730?comment_id=28462746

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Keep in mind that because מועמדים is plural masculine, the number, whether חמישה or חמשת is also masculine. It would be חמש if it were feminine.

The חמשת is just the smichut or חמישה, sort of like "the five of the candidates". It's a legitimate way to express it, although "חמישה המועמדים" is also acceptable.


Because "five candidates" is different from "the five candidates" (the latter being the form our sentence takes).

five candidates = חמישה מועמדים

the five candidates = חמשת המועמדים

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