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  5. "זה נעשֶה על ידי צוות מקצועי."

"זה נעשֶה על ידי צוות מקצועי."

Translation:It is done by a professional team.

June 28, 2016



the audio is in the past tense while the text and correct solution are in present tense


I didn't hear past tense. However I did see that there is a segol under the sin but it's pronounced like it is a patach.

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A year later, I listen once again to the recording, and now I hear "ne'esá".

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The audio says "ne'asa", which sounds more like the past tense, even though dictionaries say it's pronounced "na'asa". I think it should be "na'ase" in the present tense.


According to wiktionary, the speaker uses here a colloquialism: "The present tense נַעֲשֶׂה (na'asé) is now often pronounced (like the past tense) נַעֲשָׂה (na'asá)."


Unfortunately, that doesn't explain why the audio features a pronunciation closer to "ne'e..." instead of "na'a..."


DL gives the clue for צוות as team or staff. But when I answered "This is done by a professional staff," it was marked wrong. I am reporting it.


What's wrong with this? (marked wrong)

"this is being done by a professional team"

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