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  5. "אין לזה צורה."

"אין לזה צורה."

Translation:It has no shape.

June 28, 2016



‘It doesn’t have a shape’ got rejected, 2016-06-28.

Also, this is an expression used to mean ‘it/this is unpresentable (because it’s done sloppily, callously, half-assedly, c.)’, e.g.:

‘תראה את הבלגאן בחדר שלך, כל הבגדים על המטה, כל הספרים על השולחן, אין לזה צורה.’ (Look at the mess in your room, all the clothes are on the bed, all the books are on the table, it’s unsightly)

‘תראה כמה שגיאות כתיב יש לך, הביבליוגרפיה לא בפורמט הנכון, כאן טעית בחישוב, אין לזה צורה’ (Look how many spelling mistakes you have, the bibliography is not in the right format, here you made a calculation error, it’s unpresentable)


‘It doesn’t have a shape' is now accepted


Akin to the British saying, "Poor form!" when someone is being rude or unseemly?


Not very common today, I think, but this phrase may also be used as "it's inappropriate behavior"


Wouldn't it also mean this doesn't have a shape? That's what I wrote and it was marked wrong.

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