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  5. "ריבוע אף פעם לא יהיה עיגול."

"ריבוע אף פעם לא יהיה עיגול."

Translation:A square will never be a circle.

June 28, 2016



A square never will be a circle.?


Not with an attitude like that.


Thats what i put in, and they said it was wrong.


This may be a sentence about the impossibility of the רִבּוּעַ שֶׁל הָעִגּוּל, "the squaring of the circle".


Ribu'a af pa'am lo yihye igul.


I said "a square never will be a circle" and was wrong. Can anyone explain what the difference is or if this is just an example of poor machine learning?


Well, it think never will be is more emphatic than the usual word order will never be. It should be fine as a translation here.


Poor machine learning. No difference. I did it too, and got it wrong. In English, it is clearly the same whether you put "never will", or "will never".


what is the difference between מעגל and עיגול?


Well, in geometry class, עִגּוּל is the area of the circle, but מַעֲגָּל the line around it: . In real life they are very similar, but notice that the second is used in many stock phrases like מַגְגַּל־חַשְׁמַלִּי "electric circuit" or מַגְגַּל־קְסָמִים "vicious circle".


Unrelated question but how can you add pictures to your Duolingo comments? I tried this before and failed


I followed the instruction of this thread.



You can’t have a dagesh after a חֲטָף.


Oh, thanks, that is right. I mixed the alternative spellings of מַעֲגָל and מַעְגָּל


I'm a little confused, your diagram has עיגול as the inside but your text says its the outside. If the diagram is right, it makes sense that עיגול would mean a circle like a dic and מעגל would mean something like the people are standing in a circle. I can also see how saying that sign is a circle could use either.


Sorry, mixed them up :-(. It is like the diagram shows. PS. Edited.


Great, Ingeborg! Because of the design so clarifying.


Do you mean מגגל־חשמלי or מעגל־חשמלי?

And does this mean that
ינחני במעגלי צדק in Modern Hebrew means 'he leads me in the circumferences of righteousness'?


Sorry typo :-( Since הוּא מְגַגֵּל means he googles, מַעֲגַל־חַשְׁמַלִּי electric circuit and מַעֲגַל־קְסָמִים vicious circle are correct. Biblical מַעֲגָל meant the tracks made by a cart, and thus in Psalm 23.3 figuratively premade tracks to follow. The meaning circumference is based on its use in 1Samuel, where it means something like circled wagon train. While an autistic mathematician might read it as you proposed, the interpretation as a righteous circuit (or how about a modern in the range of righteousness) instead of a vicious one seems as nice as the original meaning to me.


מַעֲגָּל is the track made by a cart ; it is pulled by a עֵ֫גֶל -- a heifer


I think the technical term for עיגול is "disc" (Kreisscheibe in German).


Couldn't this also be translated: "A square will never be round."?


No, "round", an adjective, would be עָגוֹל, but עִגּוּל, a noun, is only the geometrical shape.

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