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"הדעה של עורך הדין מקבילה לדעה של השופט."

Translation:The lawyer's opinion is equivalent to the judge's opinion.

June 28, 2016



it could be parallels but these translations are so wishy washy


Pretty sure ‘parallel’ is wrong here, and ‘equivalent’ does not appear in the translations.


It's an awkward sentence in English, but I think that parallel is the best fit, besides matching the geometric meaning of מקבילה. You don't usually speak of opinions being parallel, but lines of thinking certain can be. The point is that the lawyer and the judge are thinking similar thoughts, and reaching similar conclusions.

Equivalent is just plain wrong. Opinions can be similar or even identical, but not equivalent.


The drop-down clue currently gives both equivalent and parallel. Either way I'm not crazy about the sentence. You might have a sentence, "The lawyer's opinion is in line with (or aligns with) the judge's opinion." Maybe that's what they were thinking when they created this sentence.


My dictionary suggests that word for "parallel" but not for "equivalent".


I think this equivalent is not geometric.

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is it so wrong to say, "the opinion if the lawyer is equivalent to that of the judge"

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("of" the lawyer, not "if")


Lawyer not lawyers


It's not lawyers. It's lawyer's!


As I undertstand it, this sentence had opposite meaning to the one above, right?

הַדֵּעָה שֶׁל עוֹרֵךְ הַדִּין מְאֻונָּךְ לַדֵּעָה שֶׁל הַשּׁוֹפֵט.

מְאֻונָּךְ - perpendicular

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