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  5. "השולחן הזה הוא טרפז."

"השולחן הזה הוא טרפז."

Translation:This table is a trapezoid.

June 28, 2016



A טְּרַפֵּז is a quadrilateral with at least two equal sides. In the US, that’s called a trapezoid; in the UK, a trapezium.

(Edited to streamline this comment about three years after writing it)


I didn't know that! Thanks.


In NAE, ‘trapezoid’ is the shape with at least two parallel sides, and a ‘trapezium’ is a convex quadrilateral with four unequal sides.

Elsewhere, it’s the other way around.

The word trapezoid is actually the older way of calling it, dating back to the 5th century; using ‘trapezium’ dates back to the 16th. (See here)

(Edited to streamline this comment about three years after writing it)


Not me. What the %#&k is a trapezoid, in plain English, people!? A table is a rectangle or square with four legs. Is a trapezoid a rectangle or square with four legs?!


If the table has only 2 parallel sides. In other words, a weirdo table.


interesting, never heard of the second one


Funny thing is "trapezium" is derived from Greek τραπέζιον, ultimately from Ancient Greek τρᾰ́πεζᾰ, which means "table." So basically, this sentence says "This table is table-like." I wonder if it was on purpose. Love our course contributors!


הַשׁוּלחָן הַזֶּה הוּא טְרַפֵּז

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