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  5. "הוא חותך את הנייר בזווית."

"הוא חותך את הנייר בזווית."

Translation:He cuts the paper at an angle.

June 28, 2016



Shouldn’t it be ‘at an angle’?

EDIT: Asked a friend from the US. Yes. Yes it should.


They have apparently corrected it since you posted. DL now says, "He cuts the paper at an angle."


When you talk about geometrical shapes ( not here) what's the difference between "זוויות" and " קודקודים"?


I think you can measure an angel of a corner. Corners being קודקודים and angles being זוויות


At the "corner?"


My old dictionary does indeed give Corner as another meaning of זווית. But in this sentence, it cannot be "the" corner because it is b' not ba. I guess you would have to have some context. I suppose it could even mean he is standing or sitting in a corner (like in a little nook) of the room cutting his piece of paper. (The teacher gave him a time out & made him stand in a corner.)

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