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  5. "È usato in misura crescente."

"È usato in misura crescente."

Translation:It is increasingly used.

June 28, 2016



What is wrong with 'It is used in increasing measure'?


It is a common albeit old-fashioned english phrase (and a better translation).


Yet another useless sentence to frustrate and confuse the learners. You will never see "in misura crescente" used again throughout this course.


I would also add - I've never seen that being used to say "increasingly". I feel like "sempre più" seems more accurate


I put 'it is used more and more' which is good English and means the same as the Italian, I think. Marked wrong.


Is this idiomatic? Always thought of crescente as "growing" as in children or plants. 29Jun16


Well kind of.

"Crescere" can also mean "increase" (intransitively) as in "Il numero dei partecipanti è cresciuto" = "The number of participants has grown/increased".


What happened to 'misura' in the translation??


Me: "It is used in increments" Duo: "It is used increasingly"

Is there a difference in meaning? In any case I reported it.


'It is used in increments' means it is used in stages or piece by piece, not necessarily including the idea of increase. However the answer DL gives doesn't seem like a proper sentence to me - it would seem to need 'by (x)'. I think it is a phrase that needs an object. I put 'Its use is growing', which for me works better as a generic passive sentence, but that was marked wrong too.


what's wrong with: It is used in growing measure

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