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"I go to the shop with my father."

Translation:Dw i'n mynd i'r siop gyda fy nhad i.

June 28, 2016



Why is it always "dw i'n" instead of "rydw i'n"? I go to a Welsh-language school and we haven't been taught that wither of those are wrong, so I'm more used to writing "rydw i'n".


For some reason, schools in Wales seem to have adopted rydw i as the default for 'I am', whereas the 'Welsh for Adults' schemes have adopted dw i. Supposedly, dw i is more common in casual speech in most areas of Wales.

Most Duo sentences show dw i by default, but accept rydw i in answers, although some may not have been updated to do so yet.

For interest, what do you use in casual conversation with friends, and roughly where in Wales do you live (which county, say)?


I usually use "rydw i" while talking with friends and with writing, and I live in the Vale of Glamorgan.

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