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  5. "איתכם אני שמח."

"איתכם אני שמח."

Translation:With you I'm happy.

June 28, 2016



Is the word order important? I had the listening exercise for this question so I didn't have to write the translation. However, isn't it more correct/common to say "אני שמח איתכם"?


Hebrew word order is sometimes more flexible than English. It put more emphasis on the אִתְּכֶם, if it comes first.


"I am happy with you." was marked wrong.


9 - 7-2018 "I am happy with you." was accepted. / correct.


I put in "I'm happy with you" in a word selection exercise, and it accepted it as correct. I wonder if the problem for you was the "I am" rather than "I'm"? If so, that should be reported.


I entered "I'm happy for you." Is that incorrect, and if it is, how would you say that in Hebrew?


It's incorrect. I'm happy for you (plural) in Hebrew is: אני שמח בשבילכם, or אני שמח עבורכם.


aw this is sweet c:


It's so hard for me to pronounce איתכם without accidentally triggering a trill to sound like איתרם, any tips?


Well, unfortunately the suffix כֶם is always pronounced as a fricative, even when it follows a closed syllable. You may pause shortly after the [t] in order to let your tongue leave its dental position, until you learn to say it faster. By the way, do you pronounce the רֵישׁ as a trill too or as an uvular approximant, the throaty r, so that the accidental trill is not part of your usual sound set you use in Hebrew?


Awwwww, thanks, Duo! I'm happy with you, too. :)

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