"Cieszę się, że tu jesteś."

Translation:I am glad that you are here.

June 28, 2016

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Does anybody else find this extremely hard to pronounce?


I would rather say im happy than glad


That works as well.


What does the że mean? That?


It's literally like the Spanish „que” while «co» would be „qué”. — Estoy feliz de que estés aquí. (Jestem szczęśliwy że jesteś tu). — ¿Qué haces? (¿Co robisz?)


El idioma polaco es en realidad el idioma español que se quedó perdido y fue adoptado por el ruso


"I am enjoying that you are here." was marked wrong. Since "cieszyć" is a verb, I felt that a present tense phrase was the way to go. By the way, isn't "Jestem zadowolony, że tu jesteś." a better way to say "I am glad that you are here?


It's just not good English. I've checked this collocation with the iweb corpus and got 76 results for 'glad', 51 for 'happy', 24 for 'delighted' but zero for enjoy/enjoying/enjoyed.

I believe that enjoy is a transitive verb which needs a direct object. Like 'I enjoy your presence/company'.

Cieszę się, że tu jesteś is the most idiomatic phrase which I can think of in this context. Yes, we accept jestem zadowolony as well, but that's closer to 'I am content/satisfied'.

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