"Śpieszę się do pracy."

Translation:I am in a hurry to get to work.

June 28, 2016



I'm in a hurry for work. Of course do does not directly translate as for but probably the most natural way to say using hurry

September 20, 2018


OK, added.

January 10, 2019


I am hurrying to work? I don't even know if this is proper English, but we surely say it often enough.

August 4, 2017


Well, I hope it's proper enough, 'cause it works ;)

August 5, 2017


If I am hurrying to work is accepted, should I hurry to work also be? I was about to report it and then I realised it might be one of those verbs which only apply to one specific type of present tense :)

August 25, 2017


I believe it seemed too strange to us without some additional context like using "always", but yeah, I guess it's fine after all. Added now.

August 26, 2017


Thanks, I wasn't really complaining or suggesting that it should be accepted, just genuinely wondering if there was an important distinction. Thanks :)

August 29, 2017


what is the difference between praca and robota?

June 28, 2016


"Praca" is the normal word, "robota" is a colloquial one. It often has some negative connotations, may suggest that you don't like your job (although it doesn't have to). You could use it here when talking to a friend, but as the course doesn't teach colloquialisms, it won't be accepted.

"Roboty" in plural is an equally good, if not a better word (than "prace") for some construction works.

June 28, 2016


I rush/am rushing is also ok, isn't it?

February 19, 2018


"I am rushing" worked already, added "I rush".

February 19, 2018


I am in a hurry to go to work?

May 15, 2019
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