"We take the carrot from them."

Translation:אנחנו לוקחים מהם את הגזר.

June 28, 2016

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anáchnu lokchím mehém et ha-gézer.


Why isn't אנחנו לוקחים הגזר מהם acceptable?


For one, you need the indirect object first the direct object in Hebrew, or so it seems from what I have seen (אני נותן לו את הכריך instead of אני נותן את הכריך לו).

Secondly, you are missing the את.


I wrote: אנחנו לוקחים את הגזר מהם. Which was accepted as correct, but is different from what's written here as correct. Is it simply like the difference between, "We take from them the carrot" vs "We take the carrot from them" where both work but one is more natural/accepted? Was my answer actually right, and if so which is the 'best' answer?


It is pretty much as you summarized it. Both are correct, but the version with מהם first would be more common and more natural. When you have both the indirect and the direct object, usually you place the indirect object first.


What is that part "from them" called grammatically?


It's a preposition + pronoun contracted.


For "from them" when do we use מהם and when do we use ממנם? Or is the latter even a word?


מהם, I dont think the second one is a word


There is a Duolingo option not available in the app. When you log into your account through a browser (such as Chrome) and you click on the bubble of the lesson where they first introduce this concept (as if to do a lesson) there is an option to see tips/instructions regarding everything newly introduced in this lesson. Some days I click on each of the bubbles just to review all the different concepts.


I thought לוקחים is an infinitive that means " to take"


I believe the infinitive would be ללקוח.

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No it's לקחת.


This sounds like a nursery chant.


Whaauw....i am making it with your help!!! Hoorah

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