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  5. "הילדים נמצאים מחוץ למטבח."

"הילדים נמצאים מחוץ למטבח."

Translation:The kids are outside the kitchen.

June 28, 2016



Ha-y'ladím nimtza'im mikhúts la'mitbákh.


A lot of people mention tips and notes. Where are they? I can't find them!


There's a few ways to get them:

Organized by skill in one pdf for the whole course (by the guy who created the awesome Memrise Duolingo vocab course): https://www.docdroid.net/JnfmyEV/tipsnotesbackup.pdf

Or Replace your username where mine is for information on your progress and tips and notes, etc. https://duome.eu/teribleteri/progress

The way duolingo has it set up is only on their website, under each skill, click on the circle and then on the lightbulb icon. Do it under desktop view to see everything the duolingo site offers (the discussions, etc.)

The Memrise Duolingo vocab course has almost every word broken up into skill groups, without vocab and you can hear individual words, not in sentences. http://www.memrise.com/course/1031737/

I use all these links as I'm primarily in the app. The duolingo website is my least favourite way to see the tips and notes.


Update, there's also a Duolingo vocab course to use with ANKI. You can get the files for free in the Duolingo Hebrew learners Facebook group. If you don't use Facebook it might also be available by searching anki files from inside the anki app.


Sounds awesome, thanks for sharing.


Thanks for your comment. I share your opinion of the Duolingo website.


Tips & Notes, daily, weekly rankings and who is following you, is found only in the PC version. Under Home.


Is the 'נמצאים' necessary or could you simply say 'הילדים מחוץ למטבח'?


are מחוץ and בחוץ. synonymous, or does the use of ב versus מ depend on the preceding verb? it seems that נמצא can be used with either ב or מ. . . .


mi khutz means "outside of" and need ל after ,and bi khutz means outside.




So how do you know when to use מחוץ and when to use בחוץ? As an English speaker outside and outside of sounds similar to me. So I'm wondering what the Hebrew mindset would be here.


Well, בחוץ is outside, when it stands alone. And מחוץ is always used with a place - you stand outside of something.


Thank you this helps a lot =)


Couldn t it mean the kids STAY out of the kitchen?


You can see the definition and different tenses for this word @ https://www.pealim.com/dict/1084-lehimatze/


Kids and children not the same?

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