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  5. "Ça va bien."

"Ça va bien."

Translation:I am doing well.

January 30, 2013



So, Ça va is I am fine

And Ça va *bien is *Things are going well.

May things are fine be correct? as following the I'm fine "formula".


Ça va can be both a question and an answer and is equivalent to "how's it going" (question) or "it's going alright" (answer). It literally translates to "it goes?" "It goes." - It's somewhat idiomatic, a bit like "how goes it?", "how do you do?" or even "what's up?" Bien = "well" so ça va bien means "it's going well" but could also translate to "things are going well".

On a side note, I believe the question form is short for "comment ça va". I guess by extension, the answer form is short for "ça va bien"

On a further side note, I have a french friend who likes to say "comment vas tu?" To which I would reply "je vais bien merci". ("You" & "I", rather than "it"). Or if you were being polite, you could ask "comment allez vous?"


This was relly helpful, merci


I've often suggested that the literal translation is helpful, along with a discussion (on the spot, not in the lesson notes) of how that becomes the meaningful translation.

Also I recognize these things from German, so I type things like "It goes well" and get marked wrong.


its really annoying


Ahh thanks, that's really helpful!


Really helpful! Merci!


And besides there is no question mark on the sentence which pretty much eliminate the question format.


Things are going well = Tout va bien.


Its telling me Ça va bien means Things are going well. The whole usage of ça is confusing. What is its usage on its own or is it never uaed on its own?


Ça on it's own would accompany someone pointing at an object and saying "ça." meaning "this" or "it". It could be a response to "What's broken?/Qu'est-ce qui est cassé?" "Ça./It."


Or Qu'est-ce qui ça veux dire? / What does this mean?

Just an additional example of the use of "ça" Correct me if I'm wrong


I agree. -Canadian here




Tout va bien would be closer in translation to "everything is going well" or "it's all going well"


things are going well = les choses vont bien. :)


it's strange because it says for "ca va bien": "another correct solution: I'm fine"



That should be fine in my opinion. Also, I think it's just a quirk that Ca va and Ca va bien translate differently on Duo like that. That is, I'm not saying either of those are wrong, but that Ca va can be 'Things are fine' or Ca va bien 'I'm doing well' also.


Comment vont les choses is the better translation for how are things. Just memorize "comment ca va? Ca va bien" as the appropriate question and answer.. How are you, I'm doing well." Don't over think it.


Please add a flash card option in the app.


There is a flashcard option , one when you click on the basics course there a key is given click on it for tips and another one is when you are practicing, you have to click on the words that are underlined you will get hints or the meaning of the word


no its not. i ca va bien is i am fine right?


Give hard one i will come back wen i want esy


Learn to spell before insulting the program.


it simply MUST be!


My key bord doesn't have french letters, so i got it wrong


This is not true reason


Nothing is impossible


A helpful tip for new French speakers or anyone who has trouble with this phrase:

"Ça va bien" can mean 2 things: 'How are you?' and 'I am fine'. Confused if you hear "Ça va bien"? This will help you remember.

When you end "bien" on a high tone (in other words, going up in pitch), it gives an inquiring tone to the phrase. "Ça va bien?" means "How are you?"

When you keep the phrase in a straight manner (in other words, saying it monotone), it is more like a declaration. "Ça va bien" it then means "I am fine."

The pitch and tone the phrase is spoken at will help you understand what someone is saying and it will also help you to remember how to say the phrase yourself. Hope this helps and good luck to all French speakers on Duolingo! :):):)


Guy: Ca va bien? Other Guy: Ca va bien, tu? Guy: Ca va bien, merci.


Guy : It is going well?

Other Guy: It is going well. You?

Guy: It is going well. Thanks.


U are so helpful! Thanks!


for me, 'bien' sounded like 'blanc'; I was sure there was an 'l' in there; a far as I am concerned, the pronunciation of 'bien' was poor


Don't confuse the nasalized "an", with the nasalised "un" (= "in" = "ein") sound.
The pronunciation of "bien" is ok, but the "ee" sound is a big too short. Anyway, we pronunce it like that sometimes, when we are hurry.


Yes, I also got confused. Even when you press the 'slow' button , it says very slowly 'ça va' and then it rushes the 'bien'


countvlad you need to listen carefully and lots of times to understand properly


I love these chats, filled with smart people helping eatchother out and no swearing :)


I love it to!!!!


The last word sounds like "blah"


Hi everyone am new in duolingo


Welcome little Miss! Did you know the longest journey begins with one step. Don't forget to study every day!!


In Australia, we say "I am going well", so the direct translation seem to work ... however, not accepted by Duolingo on this occasion!!


It's not really standard english, which is what duo accepts.


There is no standard English, linguistically.


I gave the correct answer and it said I was wrong, it did not recognize my answer


is anyone else having the problem that you type i am fine but it says its incorrect anyway?\


Are you sure it is saying incorrect? Duolingo sometimes suggests other correct answers, and sometime people confuse this with being marked wrong


So how do 'ca va' and 'ca va bien' differ?


Ça va literally means it goes and ça va bien means it goes well. So ça va bien is slightly better.


What Im confused about is that when I last saw "Ca va bien" it meant "Are you doing well?" as the correction told me. I put that in and it says its "You are doing well." Can someone explain when to use which one so I dont get it wrong??


Ça va bien. - I am going/doing well (things are going well) roughly it's gisty. It's also idiom.

Ça va bien? - Are things going well, are you doing well? The question mark makes all the difference.


It prompts to translate "Ca va bien" and gives the following options: "tall; am; is; fine; poor". Is something wrong or am I blind for the correct answer?


Okay, you people are confusing me.


What do you find confusing?


I answered this question with 'I'm fine.' and it came up as a wrong answer... surely that should count?


Explanation very well


Like, i typed it how i heard it..so like...i did what it said so why'd it say i was wrong


I can't type ça


I am very well is not correct?


No, it is not correct. If you had read the rest of the comments you might have gathered that. Please in future check the comments to see if others have already asked a question. And to answer yours if you wanted to say I am very well you would use "Ça va très bien"


Sorry Ariaflame, but there are 473 comments! There are no rules to say we must look through every single one in the hope that someone has the exact same query/solution.. There's nothing wrong with someone posting a question in order to get a direct, specific answer.


We are supposed to translate into English not franglish. As an English (in England) speaker I would rarely hear, or say, how are you "doing" except maybe when asking about someone in hospital (yes, I know there are exceptions) - I am most likely to hear "how are you?" "I am fine", "I am very well". So, unless the French sentence is anything more than a casual greating it should be translated as varying degrees of "I am fine", "I am very well", "well, thank you", "fine", "fine, thank you". "Doing" well is something a bit more specific.. "how is he doing in school?", "he's doing well with his studies". "How's it hanging/going" is quite slangy. Plus, Ariaflame, you sound rude! Unintentionally, I'm sure


I said please. And I answered the question. When you get the same thing posted 400 times because people have not read the thread to check, after a while it gets to a point when you wonder if there is any point in answering since if they won't read the thread, why will they read your response. So it's mostly there in case someone does read the thread.


Hello! First day on this sight and I'm so in love. Quick question. I've run into trouble with using "I" as the subject of my sentence. I translated "Ca va bien" to "I'm doing very well," which was wrong, but one of the correct solutions was "Doing very well" ( I think the "I'm" in that suggestion is understood rather than explicit.) I don't understand the difference.


Things are going well is also Les choses vont bien. Why are there so many, ugh.


I agree with your agreements,our French teacher pronounced the word differently.


there are many french accents.


Whats wrong with "going on well" ?. It shows wrong!! :-(


Because this is an idiom it should be translated to the closest matching English phrase(s). 'going on well' is not such a phrase. It is also not a direct translation from the French and thus does not get points for that. So basically you need to either use more common English phrases, or possibly translate the French more literally.


why isn't I am fine, well corect?


I am fine, well is not standard english, and as such is not accepted.


I am fine is perfect English. I am well is also perfect English. Not sure if I am well is accepted, though. It should be in my mind...


Apparently "It goes well" is also accpeted


I was more casual and typed /All's well" that is actually correct grammar instead of the slightly more formal "All is well" and got an "Incorrect"


It can also be "I'm doing good", right?


yes. i'm doing good is perfectly ok in my opinion.


I typed in "I'm very well." And got it wrong and it said that I should have typed "Its very well" is that right?


the word very is not in this sentence.


Curious, can we also say "Ca va bon?"


How do i change my profile pic?


Go to your name at the top of the page, with the little downward arrow. Pick settings. There will be an option at the bottom for you to upload a new image.


Merci je suis d'accord


Merci ça va bien


Im fine too! Thats correct!
Eg. Comment Ça va? Ça va bien merci


Les choses vont bien. Is this wrong?


It didn't accept "fine thank you"


How to say bien? Does it end with nasal a-sound or aw-sound?


Do you pronounce the n at the end of a word?


I didn't know what this meant so I clicked on the meaning and it said it means are you doing well so I typed it in and it said incorrect it means I am doing well it needs to show the CORRECT translation!


That is a meaning. If it were in the question form. But it isn't. So that is not the meaning. The hints are just that. Possible translations, not necessarily the ones for this context. Questions have ? at the end.


I thought ca va meant how are you ?


If it has a question mark at the end it does. And if someone does say that then the answer would be the phrase used here.

Person 1: "Ça va ?" (raised inflection on last syllable to indicate question when spoken)

Person 2: "Ça va bien, merci, et toi ?"

As a tip, I'd suggest reading previous comments to see if they answer your question before posting to a comment thread. A long thread like this frequently has lots of people asking questions and others answering. It's better not to duplicate.


ca va bien is a question and its i am fine ?


ça va bien? is a question and it means 'Are things going well?' ça va bien. (without the question mark, is a statement that basically means 'things are going well'. It's one of those phrases that whether it's a question or a statement depends on the intonation, which is represented here by the punctuation.


Ça va bien = I'm fine


Things are going well should = i am fine


Ca is confusing.


How is the "n" in "bien" pronounced?


How do you know whether it is I am fine or how are you doing?!!?!?!?!!


Look at the punctuation if it is written. Question ends with ? statement ends with . If you are listening to it in actual speech the question form has a rising inflection on the end (the pitch gets a bit higher) whereas the reply does not and indeed may drop slightly at the end. I'm not sure if the duolingo has the different versions if you are listening to it, in which case either meaning will probably do, but I'd go with the statement meaning unless it has a definite lift at the end.


How is "bien" pronounced? I did it as b-en, and got it wrong.


I wrowt I am well and got it wrong!


I got confused because it always has a capital letter to show you how the sentence starts.....


The words "Things", "are" and "going" were not given as choices for me to select. Was I supposed to just select "well"? If so, why was "well" not capitalized?


How will I place accents in the French words such ad ca?


It depends on which operating system you are using. For windows installing and using the international keyboard is the go. For Mac there's various key presses (and you can look at the keyboard chart for it). Usually involving the right option key.


I confused with that


I wrote ça va beaon as a typo but it says I got it wrong


when we do the french some times we make a tiny mistake and you say its bad, why do you do that?


Since you haven't specified who you mean by 'you' I don't think anyone can answer that. If you mean why does duolingo say you have got something incorrect when you have not answered correctly, this is to make sure you don't still think the incorrect thing is correct. And they have provided a mechanism for you to propose alternate answers if you are sure that your answer is correct.


I said goes well but it said I am fine what is the difference? and I am sorry for my english I might made some mistakes.


ca va easy i learned this in french class


Australians would say: 'I am going well.' Not: 'I am doing well.' 'Doing' sounds like an Americanism.

Even the next few entries refer to 'going' rather than doing. I suggest that 'going' is an acceptable usage.


why is how is it going work


It says nothing about a boy/ he? This question is incorrect


What boy? Your comment does not make sense.


I don't understand, why isn't Ca va bien = How's it going?


Ça va bien. (with a full stop) is a statement and it means 'It is going well'

Ça va bien ? (with a question mark) is a question that means 'How is it going?'

It's an idiom. In speech they are distinguished by the question form having a rising pitch at the end of bien, whereas the statement form it is either the same pitch, or a dropped pitch at the end.

How many comments did you read before posting your question?


I put Is it going well and when I scrolled over the dotted line it was correct. I submit it and it's incorrect. What did I do wrong?


The hints don't know context.

"Ça va bien ?" = Is it going well?

"Ça va bien." = It is going well.

This is one of those idioms that is both the question and the answer, usually distinguished by the inflection in the voice at the end (question form has a rising pitch, statement level or even dropped pitch). In writing you can tell by the punctuation marks. ? for question and . for statement.


Thanks for the help!


Ça va well i thought it ment how are you


Ça va? or Comment ça va? would mean "how are you? "


I dont get this, can someonw plz explain


It told me it translates to "He is doing well" i thought ça va bien ment "Things are going well"


Bein is same as bien


Anyone get the:

Translate: Ça va bien |------------------------| | It is going well | |___|


It says I got it wrong, and that the correct translation is: "HE IS doing well"

I find this confusing. Am I right? I'm so sure I am


So i type how are you it turned out to be wrong did it not accept it because i did not add the ? In the end???


No, because this phrase isn't ça va bien ? but ça va bien. It's not a question. If it were a question then the French would have a question mark. But it doesn't. So it isn't. It's the answer which is "I am fine"


It sounds like "ca va blun."


I did not get what they wanted me to do?


Bonjour ça va bien.


I put "How's it going." Didn't work.


Why would is it going well not work


I wrote "i am you" LOL


I wrote " I am good" .


I cannot type ca with the little tail or cedilla!!!?


Underneath the box where you type in your answer, there should be some "special" keys with accent marks. One of those should be a C with a cedilla.


try it on your phone. mine has a little globe next to the space bar. if you click on that, it lets you select a different language. so on the French keyboard, the letters are in a little different place and if you hover over the C for example, you can choose the regular C or the one with the cedille. It reverts to a French dictionary too, so by typing the word garcon, it automatically changes it to garçon.


I really didn't get that part!


I always miss the "ç"character, instead of "c" (It's the little squiggle on the bottom)


How do i get a french keyboard in 5he program when i already am using two languages? I can't find it .


Ce va been.

In key pad there is no option to write better than this. I tried the same but it's not accepting


I said "Its going well" and it counted it wrong. The correction is " IT IS going well" which is basically the same thing!!!!!


I think to be equivalent you would need the contraction, of it is. So: It's going well.


I don't understand what the computer voice saying


How do we know whether it is a question or not??


Ça va bien is used to say "i am fine" or to say "everything is going well". That's right?


I wrote "going well" but it was wrong. when IT SAID THAT!!!!!!!!!!


"Good" doesn't work? If I was asked "Ca va?" my answer would be "Good" or "Ca va bien"


I'm going to need less exercises like this because the answer was totally different from what I heard


May I know the difference between vas tu bien and sa va bien and comment ca va?


could i also say, "Je suis Bien"?


Not and have it mean the same thing. I'm pretty sure is an adverb that doesn't really go with 'suis'. ça va bien is the commonly used idiom. A lot of commonly used phrases don't translate well word for word, but you need to learn the phrases anyway since that is what is used.


the french really don't know how to spell... in this sentence, what does that little squiggly line under the "c" mean? also, does anyone know why last two letters in french usualy are not pronounced? can anyone tell me that rule? Ty!


The French know how to spell French words. The 'little squiggly line' as you put it is known as a cedilla and is a diacritical mark which indicates how it is to be pronounced. Usually a C in french next to a broad vowel (a, o, u) is a hard sound like the c in cat, but sometimes it needs to be a soft sound, like the c in nice. This is the usual pronunciation when next to a slender vowel (i or e), but if you want it next to a broad vowel like in ça or garçon then the cedilla marks that this is a soft sound. See http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/french-accents-and-the-cedilla.html for some information on the French accents. And it's not a hard and fast thing about the last two letters. Here's another site about pronunciation. http://french.about.com/od/pronunciation/a/beginningpronunciation.htm


Thank you sooo much! (I just put that the French don't know how to spell because I'm 25% French and I suck at spelling:)


Did not hear the bien


I wrote I am fine and got it wrong


bien does not sound anything like "b-en__


je suis un serpent


je suis un serpent! sssssssssssssssssssssss


"I am good" is not an English phrase. "I am well" is fine. Perhaps the former is acceptable in US English but it sounds terrible in the UK.


i am WELL is the correct English translation for this. I am good would mean I am well-behaved. In general, good is an adjective and well is an adverb. The adverb is more correct in this context


how's it going does not work.... WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Because it's not a question. No question mark at the end, no question.

Ça va bien? - question - are you well? / are things going well?

Ça va bien. - statement - I am fine. / Things are going well.

It's an idiom package that's part of the language that you cannot transliterate word for word into English and have it make sense. That's part of language learning, and believe me, no native English speaker has any high ground to stand on when complaining about idioms.


how is it going is a question. comment ca va ,? is how you express that. the normal response is ca va bien.... it goes well. that's why "how is it going" doesn't work. you said in English the French sentence "comment ca va?"


it says the answer is I am fine but when I hover over the word it says the the translation is is it going well


Try not to get so caught up in literal translations. much of language is common phrases and you should just memorize the different possible responses. ça va translated into English, means things are going ok, I'm doing OK.. , ça va bien is more like things are going well, I'm doing well, I'm doing fine. .... better than ca va. ca va mal is things are going badly, i'm not doing well at all.


is bien well good or fine?


It is it's going well but like why does it say after that it's i am am fine do i do something wrong....?


Superman is good, I, however, am well.


this is easy until they start saying the word


A note for the devs: "I am" and "I`m" are the same thing. The latter is not a typo... Especially when you offer both in the word selection!


if this is i am fine, what is are you fine?


I thought Ca'va ment im doing well


Why is it saying "he is doing well". I don't see how "ca va bien" is masculine?


It isn't. ça va bien is 'I'm fine' or possibly 'he is fine' or 'she is fine'. It's a very very flexible idiom.


If "ça va" is bein referred to as it/this all the times, then how come the suggestion is "he is doing well". It's getting overhead.


i thing it should be i am good


i am a bit confused


It is pronounce as "blanc" -_-


Ca va bien is also things are doing well


I am glad that "All is well" was accepted.


i was looking at bien it told me goes well


how can the same phrase be the question as well as the answer ?


I typed in "How is it going" because thats what the drop down menu says and it marks it wrong.....fix this duolingo


how's it going isn't really considered standard english, and duolingo usually only uses standard.


The drop down menu is hints only, like looking words up in a dictionary, it doesn't know context. Do NOT rely on it or complain about it not being accurate in the comments (feel free to report if it is completely out using the report button). Also How is it going is a question and "Ça va bien." isn't a question. "Ça va bien?" is a question. Note the question mark? In speech there is a change of inflection to indicate whether it is the question or statement form. The question has a rising tone at the end. The statement stays the same or drops in tone.


ca va bien merci evou


I said good thanks and got it wrong!I meant i am fine, i just speak like that!!


If duolingo accepted that as an answer for this question it would be confusing to people. Even if it has the same feeling, it is not the same words.

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Shouldn't the English be "I am doing well" or "I am well", not "I am good"? It is supposed to be an adverb, not an adjective, correct?


when you slide your mouse over the words it says both 'it is going well' and 'how is it going (?)' how do we know which to say?


If it has a question mark at the end it's the question form and you use 'how is it going?' if it doesn't then it's the statement form and 'it is going well' / 'I am fine' /any number of colloquial translations meaning the same thing.


Its been well is not correct i dont get it


it said on hints how is it going then it said it was rong


wasn't Je suis for I am? so now it's also Ça va? okay then :)


When I try to type the little tail on the c in ca, it won't work. Have any solutions?


It depends on whether you're using the web or the app and what your OS is. If you're using a computer keyboard you might want to look for international keyboard information. For apps on things such as smartphones you might try holding the c down and see if it brings up the ç as an option.


I put, "I am good." I'm correct, but shouldn't there be a Je in there?


So stupid I said I am happy and it said I was wrong that is how I learned it in class


Duolingo says that Ça va bien translates to I am fine. However, google translate tells me that it is Je vais bien. Which one is more correct?


Ça va bien is the phrase that the French people use when asking if people feel fine and to say they feel fine. It's an idiom. Google translate is not so good at idioms.


I'm confused...It says ca va bien is i am fine but when i look at the other thing it says hows it going


Ça va? as a question means how is it going or how are you? Ça va bien as a statement or sentence means i am fine.


This is going doesn't make sense.


'Ça va bien' translates literally word for word as 'that goes well', but the idiom means 'I am fine/well'


The ç character annoys me though. Who will remenber a squiggle under a 'c'???


The squiggle is there for a reason. Usually c next to an o, a or u is a hard c, like a k, but sometimes, it isn't it's a soft c like an 's', when it's the soft 'c' then the cedilla (the squiggle) is used to tell you that çava is pronounces 'sava' not 'kava'. Similarly 'garçon' (boy) is pronounced garson not garkon


It's telling me it means He's fine. I don't get that


I don't get this at all.


It said I got it wrong because of typing errors


I can't get that c thing


Why is the answer He's well?


this is wrong because the translater says so


What translator? Ça va bien, as a reply (and in this context of friendly exchanges) means I'm fine. Literally it means this or that goes well. We in English have many phrases that mean one thing literally and another in conversation. I really don't understand the confusion but am happy to help if you would like. Try to remember, some phrases you need to memorize, because the literal translation does not make sense, like "goose bumps"! Just memorize "ca va bien" as a réponse to "Comment ca va?" (see the ca va in each sentence?) and you'll do fine.


it literally said is it going well what am i supposed to type


Although it translates to "Things are going well" here, when it said it was incorrect it said the answer was " This is going" why would you even say this is going?


Ugh, They shouldnt do these! i cant hear..


why doesnt it mean how is it going


Because ça va bien is a statement and "how's it going?" is a question.


ca va is i am fine but ca va bien it is things r going well


I thought it was I am good, grrr i am kinda angry


Bien sounds like blanc on the audio.


No, it doesn't. Perhaps you should find one of the sites that has examples of the audio for words and listen to bien and blanc until you can distinguish the differences.


Hard to hear thd last word,


The accented "c" in ca va is not available on my keyboard


If on mobile try holding down the c. The web version should have little buttons available on the page.




I put is it going well and it marked me wrong. What is your opinion?guys


It looks like you made it a question and it is a statement. It is going well, not Is it going well, unless there is a question mark on the French.


Couldnt it also be taken as " it has been going well"? albeit a loose translation, still share the same connotation?


No, because that refers to the past. This is current events. Things are going well.


Letters in the selection are wrong


Insufficient information to be helpful in solving or even determining if it is a problem.


The option for response here was "I am good," which is incorrect english usage. Superman does good... we are well.




It is difficult to tell between s or c for ça. Sometimes it's best to write it down and let someone quiz you after you have written it down many times!


I do Not have accents


I feel the speaker doesn't always enunciate clearly. I will keep within the subject area and guess from there.


It sounds like ça va blanc to me for some odd reason


I understand how to use this but how do you do the sccent on your computer?


What is the different between ça va and ça va bien ?


Hi ! What is the different between ca va and ca va bien?


I really. Love this app helped me learn french for a trip


it's wonderful to see a positive comment on here, I too think this is a fantastic site, and it is my new hobby.. Bonne chance!!


Why does the robot voice not speak clearly?!


I got this wrong because the translation given me was "HE is right", how am I supposed to know it refers to HE?


How do I get the squiggly thing beneath my "c"?


I can't seem to get French symbols on my phone keyboard


I'm fine is just as good as I am fine


I'm well should be accepted


plese help me in this sentenc first time i answer "ca va bien ....it means it is going well ...and refuse my answer but for another time doulngo said this is correct answer not is it going well


so ca va bien with a period is I am fine but with a question mark is how are you right?


I think that i am doing


The most common answer to 'How are you? / How's it going? in English is 'Fine, thanks!' There's no 'merci' to translate here, but shouldn't Fine! be accepted? I thought we weren't supposed to translate such phrases literally.


many different translations are acceptable here. "Things are going well" is just one more. "ca" is usually used for "it" or "things" "I" is more personal. Why not use "je suis" for your "I am" translation ?


To me Quebecois it means "it is going well" as "ca" like give "it" to me so the "ca" means "it's"


It is going well as in "things in my life". Quebecois French , Canada


Bien? Its pronounced somewhat like bhlan???


Why can't i just translate it as "It goes well"


Why is 'It is going well' or 'It goes well' wrong? Question: How goes it? Answer: It goes well.


What King of English is "I'm doing well". Surely it should be "I'm fine"?


This is a stock response, right? My stock response in English is "fine," but apparently, that's somehow wrong.


I no my frech oui mess yes this is the best app ever!!


I love it love Reagan


could you also say "Je suis bien" ?


It should be " Hi am I doing you well, thanks!"




I am doing well ca ve bien


Tout va bien = all is well


Sometime its hard to tell if it i am doing well or are you doing well.


whats helping me in french is that i speak spanish...Ca va sound like como va ...so i see what ariaflam is saying.... if someone says "ca va" is like saying " how are you?"... and if it says "ca va bien" it can be a question also ..spanish is helping alot here...im beggining to see the commonalities ...


I am fine is perfect english .


Took me a while to realize what she was saying, but at least I got the answer right. :)


Is there any other way of saying "I am fine" except ça va bien?


i said it but it must not of picked it up


I am doing well with my French lesson, "I am fine", "I am very well" today!


Wierd, "I'm fine" is accepted, but "I'm very well" isnt


That would be 'Je vais bien,' but that would be as strange in French as it is in English.


Can i say 'I am fine' instead of 'I am doing well?' also who says 'I am doing well??'


I do all the time..


i thought bien meant good, so then it would be I am good.


My keyboard can not type this. I do not have the correct letters.


Ça va can be both a question and an answer and is equivalent to "how's it going" (question) or "it's going alright" (answer). It literally translates to "it goes?" "It goes." - It's somewhat idiomatic, a bit like "how goes it?", "how do you do?" or even "what's up?" Bien = "well" so ça va bien means "it's going well" but could also translate to "things are going well".

On a side note, I believe the question form is short for "comment ça va". I guess by extension, the answer form is short for "ça va bien"

On a further side note, I have a french friend who likes to say "comment vas tu?" To which I would reply "je vais bien merci". ("You" & "I", rather than "it"). Or if you were being polite, you could ask "comment allez vous?"


It literally translates to its going good. There is no I AM in this sentence, theyre asking that you assume the I Am goes there but they should know better.


Actually it is 'for me' that is assumed. It is going good (for me). In English, it is the answer to 'How goes it?' In the question 'for you' is assumed. In French though, the question is 'Comme ca va?' but that is usually even further simplified to 'Ca va?'

The meaning though is identical to 'I am doing well.' The problem here, I think, is that especially for basic greetings there are so many ways of saying essentially the same thing.


doesn't make sense


I am very well thank you


I got it wrong and I was hoping to get it right.


So i guess it goes well was unacceptable. Lol


Does the punctuation change the phrase ca va bien?


Yes. It's definitely idiomatic but, Ça va bien? is Are you well? and Ça va bien. is I am well. When spoken it's distinguished by the tone, the question form has a lift to the end in pitch.


How is this a greeting


There are these things that most languages have called 'idioms' that are often due to some event in the past or are shortened versions of longer phrases that we no longer think of that way. For example 'goodbye' in English is short for 'god be with you' but very few people think of it that way. Especially when they're using it in conversation. If you don't inquire into how people are going or doing when you talk to them you would probably come across as socially awkward. They are social lubricants. But this specifically is a reply to a question someone has asked as part of a greeting that means 'how are you?' in gist. That question could have been comment ça va?, or Ça va? or, Ça va bien? (with a lift in the voice at the end to indicate it's a question.).


i tapped on the word because i didnt know what it was and it sais are you doing well and i type it in and its wrong :(


When do I use ça instead of je suis?


Why is "yes I am well" incorrect whereas "yes I am doing well" is deemed correct?


So, Ça va is I am fine

And Ça va bien is Things are going well.

May things are fine be correct? as following the I'm fine "formula".


Ça va can be both a question and an answer and is equivalent to "how's it going" (question) or "it's going alright" (answer). It literally translates to "it goes?" "It goes." - It's somewhat idiomatic, a bit like "how goes it?", "how do you do?" or even "what's up?" Bien = "well" so ça va bien means "it's going well" but could also translate to "things are going well".

On a side note, I believe the question form is short for "comment ça va". I guess by extension, the answer form is short for "ça va bien"

On a further side note, I have a french friend who likes to say "comment vas tu?" To which I would reply "je vais bien merci". ("You" & "I", rather than "it"). Or if you were being polite, you could ask "comment allez vous?"


How do you know that it is I am doing well? Isn't it, doing well? It doesn't say "je"


Why there is no 'Je' here? Does 'Ça' replace 'Je'? What's the different?


Does Ça replace Je? What's the difference?


Are you familiar with the concept of 'idiom'? Basically sometimes direct transliterations do not match closest meanings. Ça va bien basically means 'that goes well' or if there's a question mark at the end 'does that go well'? And basically means I am fine, things are going well, I'm good. That sort of thing. Once you learn that languages do not map one to one, you'll do a lot better in your language learning. Learn this one as a stock phrase and don't worry too much about the literal meaning. After all, most people saying 'goodbye' in English don't actually mean 'god be with you'


Why doesn't I'm fine correct?


I feel fine or I am fine have to be accepted too


"I feel fine" or "I am fine" are correct too.


I feel fine corrected too.


I feel really well is correct!!!


That is not idiomatic, nobody would say that.


Does this sentences when translated in English stands fir both meanings???? 1.) I am fine. 2.) I am well.


I just gussed this one and I was correct I am so lucky


I put good so i could see what it means... Aaannd i got it correct


Ça va bien means more than one thing. It could either mean: I am doing well or how are you.


If ça va meant i am then what je suis stands for?


How understand? I am russian ,I bont undarstand


How are you. Very well, thanks. Comment ca va. Ca va bien. How are you.




va can be both a question and an answer and is equivalent to "how's it going" (question) or "it's going alright" (answer). It literally translates to "it goes?" "It goes." - It's somewhat idiomatic, a bit like "how goes it?", "how do you do?" or even "what's up?" Bien = "well" so ça va bien means "it's going well" but could also translate to "things are going well".

On a side note, I believe the question form is short for "comment ça va". I guess by extension, the answer form is short for "ça va bien"

On a further side note, I have a french friend who likes to say "comment vas tu?" To which I would reply "je vais bien merci". ("You" & "I", rather than "it"). Or if you were being polite, you could ask "comment allez vous?"

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    I'm good thanks, is apparently wrong, but I don't agree.


    For how long this Basic will keep going? I have been working on this single level for about a fortnight perhaps. This prolonged retention acts as a disincentive. I feel the administration should consider this aspect.


    Why when we spell somthing wrong they make it a problem But somtimes when you do they dont do any thing Example:tommorow, tomorrow


    In the previous lessiona Je Suis Paul translated to 'I am Paul' now Ca Va Bien translates to 'I am well', there seems to be something wrong as "Je" translates to "I" suis is for "am" so should it be Je Suis 'french for well'


    It's hard for me to accept this. Do native french speakers really say it like this!? Cause there's no "I" here, "doing well" should be right... Right!? xP


    I hope you are well


    My answer was "It's going well." marked wrong. Still not entirely in agreement to the explanations, but I understand. Merci Bien.


    We would usually say ‘I’m very well’


    ❤❤❤❤❤ are 1 you dumb just stupid or dumb huh


    I am good....also can do better as saying... I'm fine... ..where am I going wrong...


    cava is i am fine in french

    I know it is quite confusing about the fact that it can be an answer or a question. but if you want to ask the question give it the question kind of expression.


    Good, thanks or fine, thanks is better. I am doing well is not a natural phrase in English.


    Hiw do u know if its i am doing well or are you doing well ?


    How do i type the accents?


    Sound is not working in the listening exercises


    You can't use an accent under the C on a mobile phone!


    Why no listening exercises? I want them!!!!


    What is the perfect meaning of ca va because in some sentences it means are you and in this sentence it mean Iam


    Francias i meant french is very good language ever


    In this sentence which one translates to "doing"?


    Thanks, that's really cool and helpful


    How are you Duomail


    I am telling that i am doing well But it cant litsen


    I'm fine f...ckin.. Ca va bian


    Ça va bien menas I am doing well


    Are you doing well


    Amina it my name


    I am a Indian girl


    I am speaking but it is showing that your voice is slow and we so many times but it don't happen


    Ca va bien was right answer


    Are you doing well


    I have gave the answer same but it is showing wrong.


    What is exact meaning of Ca va


    What is the difference between ça and va?


    What's the difference between ça and va


    What sre these




    I didn't understand


    How many meanings of "Ça va" are there?


    Ca va means kya hoya hai


    I love this app but I am k k d I don't know what is profile I want to play 2 level


    I love this app but I am k k d I don't know what is profile I want to play 2 level


    Ça va bien,hmm its nice if you aprently use it in morning when you see anyone. It has perfect use,for douling its no doubt.


    So,ça va bien.well ,its i am doing well right. So when in france,its a perfect use in the morning, like if you see any body,ex÷ ça va bien tyler. When its to duolingo its no doubt.


    I have so much confusion in Ça Va bian and in Ça Va très bian


    I have so much confbusion in Ça Va bian and in Ça Va très bian


    Can't it be "i am well"?


    I said "i have been good" .... My gosh


    What we say well in French


    What we say well in French


    Please can you accept 'its going well' as a fair translation too!!


    So ça va bien means I am well... It can also mean I am fine?


    Why the mic is not working because if there is a question to speak the answer the mic do not work


    The previous question was to translate "Are you doing well?", The answer was ça va bien? Then


    The previous question was to translate "Are you doing well?" and the answer was "Ça va bien?" Then the next question (this one) asks me to translate "Ça va bien" and "Are you doing well?" is incorrect!!


    Why is I am well marked as incorrect?


    It is very helpful,merci Duolingo

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