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  5. "רק הוא לא עושֶה את זה."

"רק הוא לא עושֶה את זה."

Translation:Only he does not do it.

June 28, 2016



"just" באנגלית ״רק״ יכול גם להיות

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It's just him who doesn't do it.

Seems legit


שמעתי שהמילה "just" מבולבלת הרבה דוברי שפות אחרות, בגלל שיש לה משמעויות רבות (שש לדעתי)


למילים רבות יש משמעויות רבות


Do I really have to add the vowel? How do I do that on my keyboard?


If you mean the nikkud on the letter 'ש', then it's not necessary. See here - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16292319 - "Why does it mark my answer as almost correct when I leave out the niqqud?"


The vowels aren't strictly necessary, and if you ever get marked wrong and the only "mistake" is a missing niqqud, be sure to report it.

That said, if you want to add them, there is a way to do it, depending on your OS. For Windows it's allegedly Caps Lock + Shift, for Mac it's the Option key, and in either case you then press a key on the number row and it'll add a niqqud to the letter before your cursor.

Allegedly. I haven't gotten it to work, myself.


Could this translation work?

He doesn't even do that

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No. That would be:

הוא אפילו לא עושה את זה


Does this work: Not only he does this.


That would be לא רק הוא עושה את זה.


Marked wrong for "only he doesn't make this." How can one tell when to use "do" and "make" since they're both written the same way on DL. Don't know if that's the way they're written in Hebrew as well.


It should be okay, for example: “Everyone in my family makes this lasagna; only he does not make this,” as I’m pointing to him.


This is not english it doesn't mean anything


Whenever we meet, we like to drink a lot. Well, except for Mark. Only he does not do it.

Does that sound plausible or English enough?

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