"Maen nhw eisiau nofio dydd Gwener."

Translation:They want to swim Friday.

June 28, 2016

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So you just say "I want to swim Friday"?


It should be ddydd Gwener as it is being used as an adverb 'on Friday', but not everybody sticks to that.

  • dydd Gwener - Friday
  • ddydd Gwener - on Friday (because it is being used as an adverb)
  • ddydd Gwener nesaf - on next Friday (as in 'I'll see you next Friday')
  • ar ddydd Gwener y degfed o Fedi - on Friday the 20th of September (a particular 'named' Friday)
  • ar ddydd Gwener - on Fridays (as in a usual routine) (again, not everybody uses this one either)
  • bob dydd Gwener - on every Friday (pob is mutated as this phrase is an adverbial one again) (no mutation after pob)
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