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  5. "Te kobiety mówią po polsku."

"Te kobiety mówią po polsku."

Translation:These women speak Polish.

June 28, 2016



Could someone give a conjugation chart for "Mówią"?


Cool verb conjugation in Polish....it's a web site and you can put an icon for it in your phone/tablet.


Te kobiety i hear "ta kobieta"


How exactly does the hook at the bottom of ą or ę affect the sound? It always makes a different sound, i am unable to understand.


ą = ou, something like the o in "rose".

ę = eu, like Spanish for "euro" or "Europa". When ę is the final letter of a word, it's usually not that nasalized and very close (or even identical) to a normal "e".


I find ę to sound like the English “en”in words like pomiędzy ...but at the end of a word, for example widzę , the ę sounds like the English soft “eh” or ‘elm” —You can listen on the website: “Forvo” for native Polish speakers actual pronunciations of specific words.


I'm confused about this/that etc. Just when i think i understand, I get tego and tamtego thrown at me.


Well, you have to take everything into consideration: gender, number, case...

See here: https://www.clozemaster.com/blog/polish-demonstrative-pronouns/

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