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  5. "יש לכן כלב."

"יש לכן כלב."

Translation:You have a dog.

June 28, 2016



How to distinguish whether it is written כ or ח in a word? For example: לחם and לכם? Do these letters pronounce differently?


Most Hebrew speakers pronounce these letters the same way - /x/, and you'll just have to learn how to distinguish between them, based on context and experience. Some Hebrew speakers, mainly Sephardi and Mizrahi, do pronounce these two letters differently - כ is /x/, and ח is /ħ/. You can read more here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_Hebrew_phonology


I wish I could do an audio. ח is a deep H, a more stressed one but כ (without dagesh) is a gutteral chrrr sound. The same is with א וע, alef is simply 'a' sound but ayin is a deep 'a' which needs to come from your throat... Kinda like nausea. צ is not tz sound but a deep 's' like a sssode. These are the few confusing sounds.


Correction, I meant what is the difference between לכן and לך?


So, "לכן" is to a group of girls (or at least to more than one girl), and "לך" is to one person...for a guy it would be "l'cha" and for a girl it would be "lach". Also, just to throw it in with the others, "לכם" would be to a group of people. "לכן" makes it specifically to girls. Hope that helps!


How come sometimes יש comes before the pronoun, but other times after? I can't figure out the pattern


What is the difference between לכן and אתן?


אתן is the personal pronoum for "you" (for femenine plural), and לכן means "to you" (also femenine plural)


I put "you have a dog" (which is what it says above), but it was marked wrong as it says the correct answer is "You girls have a dog". Why girls??


יש להן כלב. I made this sentence that, I believe, has been accepted by mistake and means “They (fem) have a dog”. I should have chosen לכן that means “you (plural/fem)”. Right?


Yes, it is a mistake. There is a bug in the system that occasionally does not acknowledge typos.

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