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"This is a cheese from last July!"

Translation:זאת גבינה מחודש יולי שעבר!

June 28, 2016



THAT'S THE STRANGEST SENTENCE I'VE COME ACROSS FROM YET זוהי גבינה מיולי שעבר is it necessary to say "mchodesh" ?


It's not necessary to say "מחודש", it's perfectly ok to say "זאת גבינה מיולי שעבר" or "זוהי גבינה מיולי שעבר", if it's not accepted it should be


I've never seen זוהי before...


And what's the problem with my solution? זאת גבינה מיולי שנה שעברה!


It's tricky, but does "last July" have to be July of the previous year? For example if you're in December 2016 and speak of "last July" would it refer to July 2016 or 2015? If it indeed always refers to last year's July, it should be accepted.


I would interpret "last July" to be the most recently completed July, even if it's the same calendar year.

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