"Musisz zapłacić dwadzieścia euro."

Translation:You have to pay twenty euro.

June 28, 2016

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Shouldn't it be plural, "euros"?


Both versions work, I have no idea which one is more popular nowadays. But staying with 'euro' as the default makes it easier to understand why it doesn't undergo any declension in Polish.


I think I didn't pluralize it when they were first issued, but now I do. I wonder what other English speakers do.


Very generally in the British Isles (and it varies), I've noticed that the Irish will say "twenty euro", and the British will say "twenty euros".

The Republic of Ireland has the euro, and the U.K. still has the Pound, so perhaps more daily familiarity with the currency turns it into "twenty euro"?

I'm totally guessing, like. :)


But really, why is "must" never an option for "musić?" Powinien być.


"Must" should definitely be accepted for "musieć". Are you completely sure it isn't? Maybe you made some typo?


If you had to pay the money weekly, like paying dues, would it then be "placic"? (Sorry, I can't do Polish letters here)


Yes, that is correct. We also accept "płacić" for this reason.


Thank you, Jellei. I appreciate how prompt you are in responding.


Numeral in Polish? It's never accepted, unless there's some mistake somewhere or some automatic behaviour that we're not aware of...

After all, allowing numbers in the target language would mean that we'd have no clue if you actually know the word for it. OK, here it's a listening exercise so you just heard the word, but we still have to check whether you can spell it.

On a separate note, I appreciate that you linked a screenshot to show your answer, we always encourage the learners to do it :)

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