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  5. "Năm nay là năm thứ hai."

"Năm nay năm thứ hai."

Translation:This year is the second year.

June 28, 2016



Why sometimes "nay" and sometimes "này"?


"này" is a demonstrative determiner. "nay" is a cognate word of "này", but it only implies the present time. "hôm nay" means today, "năm nay" this year, "ngày nay" nowadays. curiously enough, we would say "tuần này" and "tháng này", respectively this week and this month.


It sounds like ‘tl hai’...


After listening to the audio a dozen times, I'm beginning to understand what AnCatDubh and MattJohnso293482 are saying. Just so you know, TranVanHaiNam and I can hear "thứ hai" very clearly. The issue here is understanding the difference between the letter "u" and the letter "ư".

The Vietnamese letter "u" makes an English "ooo" sound as in "shoe".

The letter "ư" makes a really weird sound. It's so hard to describe. To me, it kinda sounds like "uhh" and "luh" really blended together. Sorta how AnCatDubh described "thứ hai" as "tl hai".

Of course, we shouldn't forget that there's also a sharp or acute accent over top of "thứ" to indicate a "rising tone".

Anyway, the best way to distinguish between "u" and "ư" is to listen to them side-by-side. They are totally different. I just tried typing "u" and "ư" separately in Google Translate, and I think the audio there is decent enough for people to hear the difference. I hope that helps!


Oops. I still hear "thứ hai" clearly.


Yeh he makes no U sound at all


What are the differences between year, mushroom, and five? They seem to be the same word...


Năm = year/five but it depends on the context of the sentence. They are homonyms. Like in English we got "can". Ex. Can you open that can? Are you "able to" open that "tin container"? Does that make sense? However, nấm = mushroom and that word has a different spelling and sound. Hope that helps =)


"Nay" in the sentence above seems pronounced like 'ngày' to me. I kept listening to it thinking "is that 'nay?' but it sure didn't sound like it to me.


This five is year monday!

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