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  5. "אני שותֶה מתי שאני צמא."

"אני שותֶה מתי שאני צמא."

Translation:I drink when I am thirsty.

June 29, 2016



Shouldn't it be the other form of When "Cshe" because it isn't a question


I agree, כש is better here. מתי ש is possible, but sounds a little awkward. But I think some people do say that and it's a difference between linguistic communities. You can totally use מתי ש in this context and it will be understood. Question words are sometimes used for forming relative clauses, it is similar to the use of "when" in the translation.


Is "כאשר" the equivalent of "מתי" in this sentence?


I was told by a native Hebrew speaker thatמתי ש should only be used in a question.

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