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  5. "Cuộc sống màu hồng"

"Cuộc sống màu hồng"

Translation:La vie en rose

June 29, 2016



this is french. why does it appear here?


Because it's also understood by many English speakers.

Edit: It's an Edith Piaf song, lots of older English folks know it and even younger folks know what "vie" is and can guess what "rose" is.


it doesn't matter if we've heard of it. Of course, yes, I've heard of it. But there was NO CLUE that we were supposed to be using a French phrase/song title. And really, there are many--most--Americans and others who know no French whatsoever. And most people under age 50 have never heard of Edith Piaf. I'm over 50, so I have. But this sentence definitely does not belong in this course!


No french is not understood my many English speakers. I dont know what vie is and ive never heard this song. It should not be here.


It is a little strange to have this phrase in here, even if understood by many..


i have never heard of this phrase. what does it mean?


Happy Life :) Literally translated from french, it means "Life in Pink"


It means "life in pink" or "the life in pink" just as "Cuộc sống màu hồng" does. As far as metaphorical meaning, it's like life through pink lenses being a life of bliss or ecstasy. I assumed the question was what does it mean as in what is the phrase a reference to because there seemed to be confusion about why a French phrase was the translation instead of English and it's a big part of early-20th century pop culture.


The name of a classic song by French singer Edith Piaf. Also the name of a biopic film about Edith Piaf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Vie_en_rose


'The pink life' looks like a good translation of the Vietnamese, even if it seems odd in English. Why is it not accepted?


"pink life" was accepted. I thought maybe it was the sequel to Poe's "Red Death".


Huh. 'The pink life' wasn't accepted for me.


are you kidding me? Like we're supposed to translate into FRENCH?!?'


a film and a song do not explain what it means. Can someone help?


I think it's where we get the expression Looking through rose tinted glasses from. It sounds far better in French and Vn, but the meaning is pretty similar. When you look at something in exceptionally positive light, not necessarily based on reality.


Please remove this sentence. If you leave it please accept "life is pink"

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