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"Ich werde dir meine Jacke anbieten wenn es regnet."

Translation:I am going to offer you my coat if it rains.

June 29, 2016



I thought 'coat' was 'Mantel' and 'jacket' was 'Jacke'.


Should there be a comma after 'anbieten' and why is it not 'regnet es' (ie verb 2nd)


There should be a comma after anbieten.

wenn is a subordinating conjunction, so the verb comes last in the subordinate clause wenn es regnet.


"I will offer you my jacket when it is raining"

What is wrong with this?


I think it should be "... when it rains": an indefinite event in the future.


I think this is perfectly fine, though I agree with Philip that "... when it rains" is smoother.


What is wrong with my translaton: "I will offer you my jacket, when it is raining"?


Hmm... Duo rejected "I'll offer you my jacket if it rains" but accepted "I'll offer you my jacket when it rains." Given the suggested translation, and also given the list of other clearly right English versions that others have posted about, I think they need to flesh out the list of acceptable answers.


I was told my answer was incorrect because I wrote "to you" instead of "you". To you should also be correct.


"I am going to offer to you my coat" sounds wrong to me.

Either "I am going to offer you my coat" or "I am going to offer my coat to you", but not "I am going to offer to you my coat".


I know that would sound weird, I am English so I know how to speak English, which is why I was confused. I didn't write "I am going to offer to you my coat" I wrote "I am going to offer my coat to you if it rains". Oh well!


In my opinion, that should be accepted. Did you report it as an alternative to be added?

Also, when mentioning something you wrote that was not accepted, it's best to quote the whole sentence, not a single word -- since as you see, how you use the word and where you place it can make the difference between sounding weird and sounding reasonable. Just saying "I replaced 'you' with 'to you'" makes it sound as if you did not change the word order.


I wrote: "I will offer my jacket to you if it rains." That was also marked as incorrect. I already submitted a request for that to be added.


'I shall offer you my jacket if it rains' is also correct, but marked wrong: https://screenshots.firefox.com/FVrjWgYIC3fJtbno/www.duolingo.com


Did you also report it as "my translation should be accepted" with the report/flag feature of the website or app? I don't see a report for that version.

I've added some versions with "shall" now.

That said, you may be happier using this course if you use "we will" and "I will" -- Duolingo's English is based on 21st-century US English, where the use of "shall" is minimal. So it's often not included as a default alternative.

That said, feel free to report missing translations of "we shall" or "I shall" using the reporting feature.

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