June 29, 2016



could do with a flag or some sort of indication whether a specific word is Gog or Taff, or even Turk Welsh please. for examole, if you live in south wales & trying to learn welsh but end up using gog welsh by accident it could be embarassing.


No need at all. There is no embarrassment in using dialect phrases from wherever. However, on this course we do not cover dialects in any real depth, just a few simple variations that are widely understood across all of Wales.

If you happen to pronounce dych chi as /dach chi/, /dech chi/, /ych chi/, /ŷch chi/, /dych chi/ or whatever, nobody reasonable is going to care very much. If they do care, just find somebody more interesting to chat to!

If you are not living or working in Wales, just stick with whatever the Welsh Plus pronunciation videos on Youtube use. If you do live or work here, then you will pick up the local pronunciation etc pretty quickly anyway. The whole 'north' vs 'south' thing is a great over-simplification of the actual variation in the five-ish main dialects and many more, more local differences.


Is efo and gyda a North South thing or are they used in different contexts


efo is certainly used in the north-west, not sure about the north-east. gyda is more widely used, and it also appears in many expressions such as gyda'r nos ('in the evening'), gyda llaw ('by the way').


As a North Easterner (dyffryn Clwyd) I'd say 'hefo'.


What about â? Is this word used as a translation of "with" or is it nowadays only a part of mynd â, dod â, ymweld â etc.?

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