"Is this your swimwear?"

Translation:זה בגד הים שלךָ?

June 29, 2016



If I'm not mistaken, swimwear is בגד ים - how does it become בגד הים in this sentence?

June 29, 2016


You don't have "The" in the English sentence but it is implied that we are taliking about a specific swimsuit,

The swimwear = בגד הים

This sentence can't work in Hebrew without the ה

June 29, 2016


Why not הבגד הים instead?

August 8, 2016


I believe it's because in this "construct" state (e.g. noun-of noun) the whole phrase is treated as a single unit, and the last noun is the only one that takes the definite article. This is a very common structure in Hebrew.

August 28, 2016


In "real life," on the street, would you typically hear "זה בגד הים שלך" or "זה הבגד-ים שלך" or both?

September 11, 2016


Is בגדי ים not acceptable?

August 6, 2016


Is בגדי הים accepted here for "the swimwear" , or is it only בגד הים if swimwear is always singular ?

April 17, 2017
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