"We drink the juice."

Translation:אנחנו שותות את המיץ.

June 29, 2016



Can I get something clear: is the accusative marker את ONLY used if the object has an attached definite article –ה?

June 29, 2016


Yes. Sometimes it will look like what comes after is not definite, but it is always. For example - אל תשברי את לבי . it means don't break my heart. But in Hebrew , לבי is the short version of הלב שלי . the heart is definite, even though the ה is ommitted

November 26, 2017


Not only. Mostly, but not only.

August 7, 2016


Is את necessary? I know it is not in Biblical Hebrew. Of course, it might be normal, but there would be no other way to take "the juice" in this sentence other than as the DO. I answer with the DO marker, and it said I was wrong.

June 29, 2016


Just to clarify - in Biblical Hebrew "את" really wasn't necessary (though it was abundant); in Modern Hebrew it's definitely become necessary, and without it the sentence sounds wrong.

June 29, 2016
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