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  5. "O bunu kendi istiyor."

"O bunu kendi istiyor."

Translation:She wants this herself.

June 29, 2016



I want to know if "kendi" here belong to "o" or "bunu"


It belongs to "o". "Kendisi/kendi"="herself/himself/itself"


I am sorry but that sentence doesn't make any sense in english


One feels your pain, Yvonne! It's hard to make sense of either the English or Turkish versions of this sentence. Is the contributor trying to say that she wants "this" regardless whether others want it or not? To translate the Turkish as "She wants this for herself" would not seem right, because back-translation would give us "O bunu onun için istiyor"--or so it would seem. Further explanation appreciated.


I guess (just guess) that it's like : she wants it herself For example i want to buy somebody a birthday gift and i know she likes X then my brother taps on my shoulder and says "come on , she ain't gonna like X , don't buy her that on her birthday" and my answer will be "o bunu kendi istiyor/seviyor."


Let me give you another example : somebody asks you to harm him , your brother hops in once again and says "don't do this" You know what your answer is going to be : "o bunu kendi istiyor" once again , I'm not a native speaker and I'm not quite sure if I'm correct.


Another example: He buys his wife a power-drill for her birthday, although she has no interest in tools, because really "he wants it himself".


Possibly if kendi belonged to onu then it would be onun kendisi. There has been a set pattern throughout this course where the subject and the object are next to each other, the verb at the end, then everything else shovelled in just before the verb. I agonise with you. My mind is still trying to accept Turkish grammar.


terribly sorry for the stupid question, but when do İ use the kendi and the kendisi, İ am doubting they are interchangable but İ can not find an explanation


"She herself wants this" is not wrong. Your English is çok kötü!I am sorry to say this!


Herself is added for emphasis and it should therefore come after the pronoun, in this case she..I am not saying this can not come at the end, but sounds weird and weakens the emphasis.

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