"Are you happy or sad?"

Translation:את שמחה או עצובה?

June 29, 2016

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atén smekhot o atzuvot

at smekhah o atzuvah


I wrote "האם אתה שמח או עצוב" and that was accepted. How can I tell whether I need a "האם" at the beginning of the sentence?


Both work in a yes or no question, the only difference is that "האם" at beginning makes it sound more formal and is not usually used in every day language


Why can't it be אתה שמחה או עצובה


Because אתה is masculine and שמחה and עצובה are feminine.


Beacuse "אתה" for a man. And "שמחה" and "עצובה" for a woman


אתה-it only for man. שמחה/עצובה- it only for woman. (I always talking this language


Why couldn't it be plural masculine?


Because אתה is singular


@Chana J 2 (JudithMett2): It can be, since the English doesn't specify gender or number. It can be any of 4 forms: singular or plural, masculine or feminine, if properly typed with the appropriately inflected adjectives.

My exercise page used a word bank with אתה as the only pronoun, and with singular-masculine adjectives. But then I re-did the exercise and typed the answer using plural masculine, and it was accepted. Also, at one time I saw that the answer shown at the top of this page was singular feminine and another time it was plural feminine.

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I wrote are you happy or sad in the female way and it was rejected....how do you know if its asking for masculine or feminine?


Ana and gaby: Nobody here can see what you wrote.
If you typed exactly the answer given by Duo at the top of this page, then you should have reported it with the flag button. Also, you may have made an error that you were unaware of; it can be useful to take a screen shot to review your answer carefully.

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When is את vs אתה used?


Both are singular "you". אתה is masculine and את is feminine.


אתם was not one of the options


In that case, Randy, at least one of (את, אתה, אתן) should have been available and you needed to choose the one that matched the gender and number (singular or plural) of the adjectives that were available.

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