"Do they have or don't they have?"

Translation:יש להם או אין להם?

June 29, 2016



"Lahen" means "they" when they are females. The English text doesn't give any indication about their sex. So both the sentences are correct.

August 25, 2016


I got this as a multiple choice, and also thought two options were correct here - one was masculine "they", and one feminine "they". But masculine is the only correct one? Not sure if I should have filed a bug report, or if I'm getting confused.

Ah, OK, it's the "or" I got wrong. :(

August 28, 2016


Is יש להנ או אינ להנ also correct?

June 29, 2016


It is but you have to use the final "נ" at the end of a word, so it would be: "יש להן או אין להן?"

June 29, 2016
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