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Changed the "learn from" language and now can't see my previous languages and progress

On the app I had 4 languages learning from English, with Spanish by far the most used. Today i googled Duolingo catalan and outside of the app i found the beta Catalan from Spanish course and started. Then it prompted me to sign in to save my progress. So i did.

Problem is now duolingo seems to see my profile as a "from spanish" profile and my options and progress for the previous languages are gone. (still shows my total score the same though)

Any way to fix this would be much appreciated. Or please advise if I should create a different profile to learn "from spanish"

thank you!


June 29, 2016

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Your progress in all of your languages is still there. If you are learning languages from more than one base language, Duolingo only shows that progress based on what your base language is currently set for.

Currently my base language is English and I "see" all of the languages that I have signed-up to learn from English, but not the languages I am learning from Spanish. I cannot see my progress in the Spanish-to-English tree (Reverse tree) or the Spanish-to-Catalan tree. If I switch my base language to Spanish then I will see English and Catalan, but not any of the others.

It is kind of frustrating, but that is the way Duo currently works.


thanks a million!

So long as its all still there thats just fine. Im sure they will refine it at some point.

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