"It will be raining in a moment."

Translation:Zaraz będzie padać.

June 29, 2016

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Can it be 'będzie padał'?

TranslateGoogle changes the meaning between 'będzie padać' and 'będzie padał'.


It can't. The subject "it" (in Polish it is inferred) is neuter here so you can say either "będzie padało" or "będzie padać".

PS I highly discourage using Google Translate. There are a loooot of much better tools and dictionaries you can use for any specific purpose or generally as a substitute.


Hi, what other dictionaries/tools would you recommend for someone trying to learn polish? I've been using google translate too. Thanks


Wiktionary usually has all the declensions and conjugations for the words in this course.


it is because "it will be raining" can be also translated as "będzie padać/padał deszcz". Default duolingo translation does not specify if it will be raining or snowing.

basically , there is no change in meaning between padać and padał/padało, but if you use past form, it has to match with subject.


za chwilę będzie padac deszcz?


That response should have been accepted (despite the omitted diacritic in padać).


Can you use 'chwileczkę' instead of 'chwilę'? Thanks


We generally don't accept diminutives unless it's really justifiable (like when the original sentence has "little girl"). Apart from that, that would create a normal sentence, just less formal because of the use of diminutive.


Many thanks. Your explanations of the Polish language are excellent and they are really helping me. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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