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  5. "Pokaż mi twoją rękę."

"Pokaż mi twoją rękę."

Translation:Show me your arm.

June 29, 2016



Something I never understood.. how do you know if someone is talking about an arm or a hand? This has confused me since childhood. When I was a kid I thought it "ręka" only meant "hand," so I just pointed to my arm if I needed to tell my parents something about my arm.


"Ręka" in Polish has a more general meaning - it basically means a whole arm from a shoulder to fingers. If you want to specify though, there is "dłoń"="hand" and "ramię"="arm".


Isn't dłoń the palm of the hand specifically, though?


Technically yes, but I believe that most people would just use "dłoń" for the whole hand without any thought.

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