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  5. "זאת התקופה של השנה."

"זאת התקופה של השנה."

Translation:This is the period of year.

June 29, 2016



What does that even mean, this is the period of the year??


Worse, it's "This is the period of year".


it means "time of the year" like summer time for exmple


This makes no sense in English.


If that's what it means, Hadar129, then it should be accepted as a translation. And in doing it over "time" is indeed accepted. Many ideas in a source language--here Hebrew--do not correspond word-for-word in the target language--here English, and that situation is clearly the case here. I'm unaware of any English dialect that would use this phrase, but am confident that in the US "this is the period of the year" would be considered awkward at best. In other words, even though התקופה often has the core sense of "period" and "era," in this case the English word "time" actually corresponds most closely. It's unclear to me whether this Hebrew sentence is an equivalent of זה הזמן של השנה


So, תקופה refers to what we might call a season?


I thought עונה means season, and תקופה is more like an era...


The English is incorrect.


Why not...This is the period of the year???


I'm waiting for an answer too. The sentence by itself is hard to comprehend.


"This is the period of the year" is now accepted as a correct answer but I don't know what that means in English.


"This is the period of year" has no clear meaning in English, it's extremely awkward construction. I find that a lot of Duolingo's English translations are unnatural and don't convey meaning properly. It's quite frustrating.


Duolingo gave correct for "This is the time of year", is that right?


Yes. Time of year.


Sounds like something an ESL person would say, I'd suggest finding a more native-sounding alternative.


not enough "the's" for it to make sense in English---even then it's awkward. I translated: "This period of the year" because of that (not enough "the's"--not accepted


In cases like this, it seems like it would be very helpful to offer both an idiomatic and a literal translation. Maybe something like: "Translation: This is the time of year (Literally: This is the period of the year )" That way we would get both the construction and the meaning of the sentence, and the way the language works.


Great idea! Please accept this lingot


I think that's the better translation. The literal translation, 'this is the period of the year', sounds a little odd.


So basically, all of us who are native English speakers think it's unnatural sounding English. Several of us have wondered about the "the." I wonder whether changing the preposition also makes the English sound better? "This is the period in the year (when... I start to get more homework, when there's the most rain, when hiking is best, etc.) AntonSamuel suggested "time of year" and that sounds good to me, too, although I can understand why you couldn't just use זמן in Hebrew. But I also understand why they wouldn't want to give "time" as an option in the multiple choice, since that might confuse people. I guess this is just a rocky translation if you try to go word-for-word. Thanks, y'all. This discussion has helped me understand what's going on.


Incorrect English. Correct translations include 'this is the time of year', where 'time' in this context means 'period', and 'this is the period of the year'. The former is more natural sounding.

Although note that you'd never say either of these sentences without following it by describing what it's the time of year for: 'this is the time of year [when | where | for]...'


Tekufah is both period and cycle -- depends on context and there is no context so both period and cycle should be accepted.


This could go down as the worst sentence I have seen on here. Should be removed immediately.


I don't find it good that one should fail due to a faulty English example. The speaker says "השנה" so it should be "the year" instead.


This does not make sense.


Very incorrect translation. No such thing


The English translation is so odd . . . I couldn't figure it out.


In English, "time" would be a better word. We would say "this is the time of year," but that would be a very odd thing to just say without specifying what it's the time of year for.

We could respond "it's that time of year," for example, "It's freezing outside!!" "Yeah, it's that time of year."


For me it’s helpful not to expect these examples to be complete sentences, so I can accept the idea of “this is the time of year” without hearing what it’s the time of year for.


This should read "this is the period of the year


The translation here is not idiomatic English.


I think she says " זאת התקופה שלשנה". Wouldn't that mean the same?


Before Hannukah and Christmas people say, "It's the season of the year." Is that what this is referring to?


Is it only acceptable to say זאת התקופה or can you say בתקופה הזאת?


That's interesting. It would make it "In this time of the year." It's a slightly different sentence but generally similar. It's different enough that DL would not recognize it as correct for the English sentence given.


How frustrating!!!


In English we will say "this time of the year." Or "next period" depending on the context.


Would make more sense in English if this sentence was followed by “that” or “ when”. Example “when the leaves turn gray”.


Really doesn't make any sense in English


Someone could explain why ... The year is not accepted?


You have to give us your entire sentence for us to see a potential problem.


It doesnt sound correct to me in english


Wow, just awful.

This is not a comprehensible English sentence at all. If it was "the year" it would be confusing but at least comprehensible.


I am loosing all my hearts because Duolingo doesn't know English


Your translation is wrong


Whose? And what is the correct translation?

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