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  5. "Ella no va a esperar tanto."

"Ella no va a esperar tanto."

Translation:She is not going to wait so much.

January 30, 2013

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"...to wait so long." Would this be acceptable? or any variation with long, meaning long time?


Yes, this would be acceptable.


In fact, your solution would be much more typical that the given solution, " She is not going to wait so much." While I don't necessarily know the nuance of the Spanish sentence's meaning, of the two English solutions, "She is not going to wait so long" (or "...that long") is a common expression, while the given solution, "...wait so much," suggests a the intention of a pattern of making the subject wait on repeated occasions, and saying that she would not do so repeatedly - this is a very specialized situation and not typical at all.


Or even 'she is not going to wait that long'. As you say the given solution sounds very strange and ungrammatical


I went with "she is not going to hope so much". It might be an unusual sentence, but I think it should count.


I would not accept this. Maybe "She is not going to hope for so much"...


Esperar could mean "expect" too, right? Like, "She will not expect that much".

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In English "she is not going to wait" vs. "she is not going to wait long" is enough to clarify without the word "so." "so" is much like the word "very," both are so very overused. :)


This is how I translated it. I think adding "so" implies that there is a specific amount time being referred to.


I'm pretty sure tanto also means silly or stupid. Is this true?


I think that's tonto.

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