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  5. "למי אני חותם?"

"למי אני חותם?"

Translation:To whom do I sign?

June 30, 2016



I have no idea what this English sentence means. (I'm a native speaker.) It's a bizarre phrasing.


You people must never be in the position to sign an autograph...I am constantly asking this question, mostly in wierd fantasies where I am an elite athlete.


I translated this correctly, then assumed I was wrong because the sentence was poor English and guessed differently and got it wrong.


I agree (I'm not a native speaker)


As far as I'm aware ל can be both to and for in ivrit. So can't this sentence also mean "who am I signing for" - in the context of a parcel in the post, where you sign on someone else's behalf?


Not so much, in my opinion. We should be careful with translating prepositions as separate words. They don't always align exactly. Partly because prepositions are part of the behaviour of a verb and that can be almost arbitrary. Signing for someone to receive their parcel, for example, I would say לחתום בשם מישהו, or בשם מי אני חותם?. Or maybe, בשביל מי אני חותם?. I'm not absolutely sure what is meant here, but it could mean, I am a celebrity giving autographs, give me your name so I can dedicate my book to you etc.. Or maybe, who is the person with the form that I am requested to sign?


So then, "to whom am I giving my signature?"


Is it my ears, or does it sound like "bli-mi ani khotem"


למי אני חותם, in translation apps:

Microsoft = Who am I signing? Google = Who am I signing for? Reverso (app) = To whom I sign? (dictionary translator, context translation couldn't find it written as a phrase in their media database (mostly movie scripts or similar I think) , they only had אני חותם,


Yeah, I'd typed "who am I signing for" and it was marked wrong. I agree the given English translation makes no sense to a native English speaker


I thought it means making hand signals that spell out words to a deaf person. That is a meaning for signing.


I was thinking "who do I make this [check] out to?"


How about "who do I autograph this book to" said by an author at a book signing?


I hope Duo Lingo will offer an answer to what is ment by this sentence. There are suggestions here from Erlenmeyer 71 and from burleighBl. It would be interesting to know if one of them has grabbed the meaning.


I said: whom am I signing this to, (usually slang for: making the check out to) it was marked wrong. The English translation is a nightmare, randomly assigned words would have been just as likely to produce a coherent sentence.


Because there is no "this" in the sentence


But it doesn't always match up exactly when translating... and their English translation is incoherent. We frequently have to add words to make the English translation understandable anyway (is, are, do). I see no other way to make this sentence translate to English. I'll put it through translating apps and see what they say.


Is the idea that I am making out a check to someone, or signing something in favor of someone? It would never be phrased like this in English. The Hebrew duolingo team needs some native English speakers, not just Israelis who lived in New York for a while and think they know the language.


English speakers are idiots or what, im an English native speaker and i understand every sentwnce of this course!!

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