"The journalist stops writing."

Translation:Nhà báo dừng viết.

2 years ago



is the Journalists plural? Do you need a 'cac' or 'nhung'?

2 years ago


Yes you would need to specify as such. You can even use "mấy".

2 years ago


Related to another previous example:

'Tôi đứng hát"

Which was translated (maybe wrongly?) to "I stand and sing"...though many said and thought it should be "I stand to sing".

Conversely, if 'nhà báo dừng viết' means "the journalist stops writing" then "Tôi đứng hát" should be "I sing standing", or "I sing while standing" no??

Why would this not be "the journalist stops and writes" or "the journalist stops to write"? That's a very different meaning than "the journalist stops writing".

I would think that "the journalist stops to write" would be:

Nhà báo dừng ̣để viết"

but then I go back and look at the previous example.

This is yet another instance where this course, by crash-testing the participants with essentially no rules or explanations or examples or vocabulary lists given beforehand, fails its students. Teaching something is more than giving people exercises and marking them right or wrong with no explanations.

4 weeks ago
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