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  5. "Dych chi eisiau cysgu?"

"Dych chi eisiau cysgu?"

Translation:Do you want to sleep?

June 30, 2016



Is it the same as go to sleep?


No. "Cysgu" is the verb "sleep", so "Dych chi eisiau cysgu?" is "Do you want to sleep?"

"Cwsg" is the noun for "sleep" (which is no different in English). So the question "Dych chi eisiau cwsg?" would be "Do you want (some) sleep?"

To say the English "going to" as in "Do you want to go to sleep?" we just use the Welsh phrase "mynd i" (going to); "Dych chi eisiau mynd i gysgu?" - "Do you want to go to sleep?" (the "i" in "mynd i" causes Soft Mutation of "cysgu" > "gysgu").

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