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"She came back to the apartment but I was no longer there."

Translation:היא חזרה אל הדירה אבל כבר לא הייתי שם.

June 30, 2016



What's the problem with "היא חזרה לדירה" as opposed to "היא חזרה אל הדירה"?


No problem, it has the same meaning (assuming לדירה is la'dira and not le'dira, which would mean to an apartment).


Is this correct below ?

ladira = to the apartment ledira = to an apartment


I'm happy to report that היא חזרה לדירה אבל אני כבר לא הייתי שם is now accepted as correct (August 2020)


Good deal, Dov :)


Why does it insist on היא at the beginning? I thought that wasn't usual in the past tense.


Third person pronouns are always used (past, present or future tenses).


Why can't you write:... hayiti kvar lo...


That's just not the right word order. Maybe you can get away with placing כבר at the end.


and how I can learn the right word order, please ?


Yes, can you provide further details or give a source as to why היא חזרה אל הדירה אבל הייתי כבר לא שם. is incorrect? I, too, put this. Is it because the "not" has to immediately precede the main verb? Thank you.


Yes, you're right. Don't break up the verb from לא.


Thank you. I've noticed you have answered multiple of my questions. This may have been the last open question I had. Thanks again.


You ask intelligent and helpful questions that I, too, appreciate. You're welcome :)


I just don't understand ever where the word כבר must be placed in a sentence. Can someone explain this?


Think of כבר-לא as a set phrase meaning "no longer". Then any time somebody has stopped doing something (or in this case, being somewhere), we will always say כבר לא before the verb.

When כבר has its positive meaning of "already", its position can be a bit more flexible. Usually -- but not always -- Duolingo will guide us into a suitable word order, often by deploying an ugly and unnatural-sounding word order in the English.

Hope that helps?


why is שבה wrong היא שבה אל הדירה אבל כבר לא הייתי שם

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