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Special Keyboard for Hebrew?

Hi everyone. I was amped to try my hand at Hebrew but then realized I couldn't translate from English to Hebrew because of the characters. Do I need a special keyboard or is there a way to use my qwerty

June 30, 2016



I have the same problem. Duolingo needs to have an interactive Hebrew keyboard. For beginners you also need to have a first lesson on the alphabet with pronunciation. Additionally for beginners the words need to have nikudot (vowel signs).


You can set up your keyboard to represent Hebrew or English characters (on a Mac you would do that by going into your preferences -> keyboard -> input sources; then add Hebrew. print out the keyboard layout so you find the characters. You will see a little flag in your task bar; click it to switch between languages). But it still is cumbersome because you will need to switch between English and Hebrew lettering depending what is expected to be entered. Is there an easier way?


See the "Welcome! ~ !ברוכים הבאים" and the "FAQ" discussions on top of the "Popular" tab of the "Hebrew for English" forum about keyboard layout.


same problem here.....the program will not let me out of lesson one since I cannot spell 'love' in Hebrew!


Using Windows, I downloaded the Hebrew keyboard layout; I found it easiest to just create a Word document with the keyboard layout and corresponding Hebrew characters to have as a reference.

q w e r t y u i o p / ' ק ר א ט ו ן ם פ

a s d f g h j k l ; ‘ ש ד ג כ ע י ח ל ך ף ,

z x c v b n m , . / ז ס ב ה נ מ צ ת ץ .


THANK YOU! I have found a way to show Duolingo that I can translate into Hebrew. Greatly appreciate having the course we are visiting Jerusalem this fall.

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