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  5. "Tôi gần như tin anh ấy."

"Tôi gần như tin anh ấy."

Translation:I almost believe him.

June 30, 2016



近如 in Vietnamese, 近乎 in Chinese


Technically yes but then again not quite! 近 in standard Sino-Vietnamese is cận while gần, although most likely from the same origin, was borrowed much earlier on.


perhaps it was similar to 家 ("gia" vs "nhà")


There is actually another debated origin of that word coming from 庌 which means something like a house on a cliff. Nha is similar to nhà and the meaning + the semantic component is somewhat of a match.


Where do you find this profound information? Wiktionary doesn't have much info. I am also interested in words' origins of a language.

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