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"There is nothing to do, this is his nature."

Translation:אין מה לעשות, זה הטבע שלו.

June 30, 2016



אין מה לעשות זה טבעו גם נכון, לא רק הטבע שלו.


As an English speaker, I'd never use 'There's nothing to do' in this context - it just doesn't make any sense here. I'd either say 'There's nothing to be done [about it]' or 'There's nothing you can do about it'. This part of the sentence is a poor or even outright incorrect translation.


I disagree, 'There's nothing to do' sounds more natural than either of your examples. Maybe it's regional? I'm from the us, east coast.


גם "אין שום דבר לעשות" זה תרגום נכון


Right, but the Hebrew is idiomatic and common. That's what makes translation difficult.


זה משפט מאוד הגיוני. משתמשים בזה רבות בישראל כשמדברים על התנהגות של מישהו

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