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"The cake is for the children."

Translation:העוגה היא בשביל הילדים.

June 30, 2016



Why is the copula היא obligatory here? The only notes section I found that talked about it was Adjectives 1 and it didn't really explain when it was or wasn't necessary. Would העוגה בשביל הילדים translate to "the cake for the children" or would that be העוגה הבשביל הילדים?


The translation "העוגה בשביל הילדים" is correct (you do not add definiteness prefix to conjunctions in Hebrew). "היא" is used in this context to indicate that this is a nominal sentence, but is completely optional.


I used לילדים instead of בשביל ה ילדים and it said i was missing the היא. Is he not optional with ל?


ha-ugá hi bishvíl ha-yeladím.


Is this wrong? "העוגה זאת בשביל הילדים"


Yes. If anything, it would be "העוגה הזאת היא בשביל הילדים". The meaning is different: "this cake is for the children".


What does "העוגה זאת בשבילים הילדים" mean in English? I believe it is an incorrect answer, but I do not understand why. תודה


Well, there are two mistakes there. First, the copula needs to be היא, as it was already pointed out, not זאת. Second, it needs to be בשביל. What you wrote בשבילים is incorrect.

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