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Audio recordings/Niqqud/Alphabet

I am enjoying the Hebrew course very much. I am not new to the language but I haven't studied it for many years.

I hope that there will be slower audio recordings in future, as there are with other languages on Android. The current speed is a bit difficult to understand when you have to type what you hear and it must be so much harder for beginners.

As I unable to type with niqqud (and I don't really want to!), it's a bit disappointing when some of the answers are marked 'almost right' because of missing niqqud e.g the two versions of לך. I hope that I won't be marked wrong for this in future as I reach more advanced levels.

I know the alphabet well, but I do wonder how complete beginners cope, when I first learned the alphabet it was at a very slow pace. Perhaps more lessons introducing the letters would be helpful, but those who are new to the language are in a better position to judge this than I am.

I really don't wish to be critical, the team have done an amazing job! I am looking forward to relearning what I once knew in Hebrew and much more in addition!

תודה רבה

June 30, 2016



You're marked correct on the "almost right". Shouldn't bother you.

The moderators wrote in another post they are aware of the issue and working with Duolingo to fix it.


The hebraic course is most difficult, especially because it doesnt have sound. And record the caracter without it pronounciation becomes an hard exercise.

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