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"In August the oranges are tasty."

Translation:באוגוסט התפוזים טעימים.

June 30, 2016



It is realy not necessary Chodesh means month So like in English it's not very necessary, in Hebrew too


in a previous sentence, the word "chodesh" was necessary to complete the sentence, yet in this one it marked it wrong. please discuss


In most cases "chodesh" isn't necessary, unless you want to stress the month. But I don't know what sentence you mean, so it could be necessary.


I think it's because there you were translating "in the monthe of ___...", so you had to write that also in Hebrew, and here it just says "in August". Remember that if Duo doesn't accept something you say it doesn't necessarilt mean it's bad Hebrew, it might mean you didn't translate the actual sentence

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