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  5. Thx for this course!


Thx for this course!

Thx for this course "Hungarian from English" team!

June 30, 2016



Was it just released 5 minutes ago? I just checked to see if the Greek course was out and then saw Hungarian and I almost danced


It reminds me of Turkish so far.


The Ottoman Empire (at the time) did rule over Hungary from 1541 to 1699. As you can imagine, this caused the Hungarian language to get some Turkish loanwords. One of them was alma, which in Turkish is elma. In fact, over 9% of our words are of Turkish origin! Then again, that does happen when we were ruled for over 150 years or so. This is not to mention on how our culture evolved as well due to the Turks :). As children we even learn a little song that is about a Turk called Mehemmed who never saw cows before, and when he does, he pulls one of their tails (and then faces consequences, the Ottoman rule did have negative effects as well). This reminds me, when you (or anyone in general) get further acquainted with the Hungarian language, you can go on this website made for Hungarian children to play around with: http://egyszervolt.hu/


Just to add to this: Many of our Turkic loanwords are much older than that, and come from the time the Hungarians were subordinates to the Khazar Khaganate circa 300-830 AD


That is indeed true, thank you for adding on!


Thank you so much, team Hungarian. I can finally learn the language of our neighbours in a fun way. I am only at level 2 and can't say to much about the course yet, but so far I really love it. Köszönöm szepen from Vienna!


2 hours ago!? I thought I checked the incubator every hour for Hungarian, (and Greek, Guarani, etc.) anyway I am so glad it has been released.


Big thank you for all that work! I am very happy this course is finally available.


I already love it ! Thanks so much. I like how it starts with phrases rather than the normal "Basic 1"


I wasn't even going to look at this course because I want to obsess on Vietnamese, but alas here I am. Whether it is TTS or recorded, I think the voice hooked me in, so beautiful :)


So funny, I was just telling my new Hungarian neighbor about this course and how it would come out soon, then checked and it was available, so now I realize it was released like 5 minutes before I checked lol :)


Thanks for the course, much appreciated.

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